Pokemon GO: The way to Get Shiny Steelix | Recreation Rant

Pokemon GO: The way to Get Shiny Steelix | Recreation Rant

Like with the mainline video games, there are many shiny hunters in Pokemon GO. Whereas shiny Pokemon haven’t any mechanical benefit or profit in comparison with their usually coloured counterparts, many get pleasure from gathering them as a consequence of their distinctive appearances and rarity.

Shiny hunters have not too long ago been thrown into motion in Pokemon GO as a consequence of each Pokemon from the Kanto area now having their shiny types carried out in-game. This additionally means the evolutions of all of the Kanto Pokemon even have their shiny types accessible with certainly one of these Pokemon being Steelix.

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Steelix is a twin Metal and Floor-type Pokemon from the Johto area. Additionally it is the developed type of Onix, a twin Rock and Floor-type from the Kanto area. Onix and Steelix have had their shiny types in Pokemon GO for a while now, however not each participant has them.

Whereas gamers can discover Onix within the wild, Steelix is far much less more likely to discover this manner, and it’s even much less seemingly for gamers to come across a shiny Steelix within the wild. Due to this, if gamers desire a shiny Steelix, they might want to evolve a shiny Onix.

Presently in Pokemon GO, the Kanto Celebration Occasion is lively for all gamers for a restricted time. Whereas neither Onix or Steelix are among the many elevated spawn charges or raid bosses, Onix is obtainable as one of many rewards for the occasion’s timed analysis duties. This Onix, nevertheless, is not assured to be shiny, which means that it’s not a dependable solution to hunt for a shiny one.

If gamers need to actively hunt for a shiny Onix, one of the best merchandise they’ll have is a Magnetic Lure Module. These lures might be obtained through varied activity rewards or might be instantly bought from the in-game store for 200 Pokecoins every. What makes these lures so particular is that they primarily entice Electrical, Rock, and Metal-type Pokemon to the Pokestop they’re connected to. This may make it extra seemingly for a shiny Onix to seem.

Whereas ready for the Pokemon, gamers will be unable to inform if the Pokemon is shiny or not from the overworld display. They might want to enter the encounter to see if the Pokemon is completely different. Gamers can inform the distinction between a standard and glossy Onix as a consequence of a standard Onix being gray and a shiny Onix being inexperienced.

After gamers catch a shiny Onix, they’ll evolve it right into a shiny Steelix. In an effort to do that, they’ll want a minimum of 50 Onix candies and a Steel Coat evolution merchandise of their stock.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android cellular gadgets.

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