The Witcher 3: How To Full The Woodland Beast Contract

The Witcher 3: How To Full The Woodland Beast Contract

The dynamic storytelling in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt typically signifies that contracts do not all the time find yourself being what they appear. The “Woodland Beast” contract is simply such a quest, for Geralt units out to seek out a beast of unknown nature, although quickly finds out that it isn’t a monster behind the killings.

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Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that there will probably be no monsters to struggle. The Northern Realms are filled with supernatural foes all too keen to tear aside any and every part that they think about to be straightforward prey. Simply be able to encounter a number of varieties of adversaries earlier than setting forth on this contract.

  • Choose up the Woodland Beast Contract at both the Border Put up or Oxenfurt discover boards
  • Discuss to the Redanian captain on the bridge at Border Put up
  • Examine the positioning of the caravan assaults talked about by the captain
  • Comply with the tracks main away from the positioning with Geralt’s Witcher Senses
  • Confront the Scoia’tael who’re the actual culprits
  • Resolve to both kill all of them or depart them be
  • Return to the captain for the reward

This contract will be picked up in both Border Put up or in Oxenfurt. It’s endorsed to seize it from the Border Put up discover board as this space is encountered a bit sooner and is nearer to the primary goal. Border Put up is situated northwest of the Hanged Man’s Tree quick journey level upon a small island often called Halver Isle.

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After choosing up the contract, a quest marker will seem that may lead the participant to a Redanian captain situated at Border Put up’s primary bridge. He’ll inform Geralt all about troopers and caravans affected by assaults by an unknown risk. He’ll provide the witcher a letter of secure conduct, which can let the participant cross the Pontar River if he slays the mysterious fiend. As certainly one of three primary methods to realize this quest merchandise that permits Geralt to progress to later areas within the recreation, this could be a viable possibility if one can’t get such an merchandise from the Bloody Baron or purchase pretend papers.

Comply with the search marker to the placement indicated by the captain, which is simply northeast of the river earlier than one reaches the Inn on the Crossroads quick journey level. Right here Geralt will encounter a couple of alghouls consuming the stays of the useless left within the wake of the caravan assault. Though alghouls are harmful foes for non-witchers, it’s clear that these monsters are merely scavengers and never those who attacked the caravan and Redanian troopers.

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These necrophages are a bit extra wily than their ghoul and graveir brethren, so they need to be tackled with a little bit of warning. They will go right into a mad frenzy of reckless strikes, so it is suggested to remain on their flanks or behind them when attacking. Necrophage Oil upon one’s silver sword will assist to get rid of them faster. Axii can be of nice assist on this struggle, as it’ll drive the alghouls to retract their sharp spines, which causes Geralt to take harm when he assaults them with melee assaults. After these monsters are handled, examine the realm with one’s Witcher Senses and discover some tracks to comply with.

Following the tracks will lead the witcher to an space by the river the place one will probably be assaulted by drowners. As these foes are additionally necrophages, the oil nonetheless on one’s silver blade from the latest encounter with the alghouls by the wreck of the Redanian wagons ought to come in useful. Use this and the Igni signal to make brief work of those watery weirdos earlier than persevering with to comply with the tracks with one’s Witcher Senses.

After Geralt follows the tracks for some time, he’ll come to a tree and a cutscene will play, revealing Scoia’tael fighters within the foliage demanding that he state his enterprise. Watch out right here, as each possibility in addition to asking to see their commander will end result within the Scoia’tael warriors attacking Geralt. Moreover, when requested to show over one’s weapons earlier than seeing the commander, if Geralt refuses, the guerilla fighters will assault. It’s endorsed to cooperate with the non-humans (for now) as this results in listening to their aspect of the story, which might affect one’s later choices.

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When talking with the Scoia’tael commander, Vernossiel, she’s going to reveal that they’ve solely been killing troopers that journey the principle roads and haven’t been targetting civilians. She additional explains that the Redanian troopers have been kidnapping, torturing, and executing Scoia’tael members. After listening to this, the participant may have a dialogue choice to preliminary fight, regardless of being with none weapons.

It’s endorsed to quickly aspect with the elves, as this can end result within the dialogue ending and Geralt receiving some sellable objects and low-tier armor along with all of the gear he handed over previous to assembly with Vernossiel. For the optimum positive factors of this quest, gamers ought to re-equip their returned gear after which assault the elves in chilly blood, decimating them rapidly and effectively.

After the entire Scoia’tael are slain, make one’s method again to Border Put up and report back to the identical captain who Geralt spoke with earlier than. If one didn’t kill the elven fighters and easily says that there was no monster, the captain will solely give the participant 25 XP. If one didn’t kill the Scoia’tael and tells the captain about them, he’ll give 25 XP in addition to the letter of secure conduct, although no financial reward.

Nonetheless, if one took out the elves plaguing the Redanian forces right here, Geralt can provide the captain a Squirrel Tail as proof and be rewarded with 25 XP, the letter of secure conduct, in addition to 30 crowns.

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