Valheim: The best way to Get Drake Trophy  | Recreation Rant

Valheim: The best way to Get Drake Trophy | Recreation Rant

Trophies are proof of a participant’s ability in battle in Valheim. Gamers can use the heads of the slain as decorations and grasp Valheim trophies on the partitions of their properties. However some trophies even have additional makes use of, just like the Drake trophy.

Drakes are a flying, dragon-like enemy that seems within the Mountain biome. Drakes have icy breath that may freeze and harm gamers, however they drop some very coveted loot. Gamers can collect Freeze Glands from Drakes to make Frost Arrows in Valheim, in addition to Drake trophies which can be utilized to study and make the Drake Helmet.

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The Drake Helmet is a troublesome recipe to craft; gamers needn’t solely 20 Silver, which is made out of silver ore in Valheim, and a couple of Wolf Pelts, but additionally 2 Drake Trophies. The drop fee for these trophies is extremely low, however the stats of the helmet make it well worth the effort. It not solely has an enormous quantity of sturdiness but additionally grants the wearer as much as 26 armor, relying on what degree the helmet is crafted as much as.

  • Stage 1 – Sturdiness 1,000, Armor 20
  • Stage 2 – Sturdiness 1,200, Armor 22
  • Stage 3 – Sturdiness 1,400, Armor 24
  • Stage 4 – Sturdiness 1,600, Armor 26

For the reason that drop fee for the drake trophy is about 15%, gamers must work laborious for the 2 wanted for the helmet. With a purpose to kill as many Drakes as doable, gamers will wish to start crafting not solely the wolf armor, but additionally frost resistance potions in Valheim. These potions are made out of:

  • 5 Thistle (Black Forest Biome)
  • 10 Honey (From bee hives)
  • 2 Bloodbag (from leeches within the Swamp Biome)
  • 1 Greydwarf Eye (from Greydwarves within the Black Forest Biome)

Drakes respawn in-game repeatedly, however gamers will wish to discover a big Mountain Biome to be able to discover and kill as many of those flying foes as doable. Gamers also can use portals to be able to transfer simply between smaller patches of Mountains.

Whereas Drakes do not land in Valheim, gamers can use a harpoon to maintain them from flying away too far. The armor and the potions will assist Valheim gamers to outlive simply within the Mountain Biome’s snow and the drake’s icy assaults. Gamers can even wish to craft the perfect bows and arrows they’ll handle.

Drakes have a really particular sample of assault that gamers can simply memorize; they fly to the participant, assault with Three frost breaths, then circle round and repeat. As soon as gamers study the cycle, the frost breath may be dodged simply. If not dodged, the frost will inflict a two-second debuff that slows and damages the participant. This could make the drakes slightly simpler to kill.

Valheim is in early entry on PC.

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