Darkish Souls 3: All Curved Greatswords (& How To Use Them)

Darkish Souls 3: All Curved Greatswords (& How To Use Them)

The small group often called the Curved Greatswords are the bridge between common Curved Swords and the impressively lethal Extremely Greatswords. They possess the hyper armor anticipated of the biggest weapons in Darkish Souls 3, although are lighter and quicker than their Extremely Greatsword cousins.

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They’ll additionally unleash nice quantities of poise harm onto foes for a good way to stagger them into submission. Their mixture of velocity and energy makes them standard in PvP in addition to in PvE. Sadly, there are solely 5 of those wickedly bent blades with which to annihilate adversaries, although every excels in barely completely different playstyles.

5 Carthus Curved Greatsword

Because the title would suggest, the Carthus Curved Greatsword will be discovered within the Catacombs of Carthus. It has an opportunity to be dropped from the skeletal enemies that wield them and within the participant’s fingers, it may be equally harmful. If one chooses to make use of this as their most important weapon for a playthrough, it’s endorsed to infuse it with a Sharp Gem, as at +10 it will get an insane S-tier in Dexterity scaling along with 225 bodily assault.

Its innate bleed impact can be a pleasant boon to this blade that solely provides to its success as a weapon. The Spin Slash weapon talent, which is pretty widespread on this class of weapon, advantages tremendously from this innate bleed impact and might simply stagger or stun most enemies.

4 Murakumo

Dropped by the invader Alva, Seeker of the Spurned after they’re defeated at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, the Murakumo features very equally to the Carthus Curved Greatsword, although with out the innate bleed impact.

Gamers ought to give this a Sharp infusion when upgrading it to +10, as it’ll additionally achieve a exceptional S-tier scaling with Dexterity that enhances its excessive 244 bodily assault.

3 Exile Greatsword

As a assured drop from one of many Exile Watchdogs on the Highway of Sacrifices, the Exile Greatsword is fairly simple to come back by in each playthrough, making it an incredible possibility for these looking for a Curved Greatsword early on. Because it favors Power and Dexterity equally, gamers ought to observe the Refined infusion improve path.

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When maxed out at +10, it will get a stable B-tier scaling in each physically-oriented stats that properly enhances its 266 bodily assault. It additionally possesses the Spin Slash weapon talent by which it could possibly take large chunks out of foes from a satisfying distance. That is understandably a favourite in PvP.

2 Outdated Wolf Curved Sword

This blade with a depraved back-edge is a rank 1 covenant reward from the Watchdogs of Farron and is the member of this weapon class with the bottom harm output, nonetheless, its distinctive weapon talent offers it a distinct segment utilization some gamers might get pleasure from.

This talent, Wolf Leap, lets gamers unleash assaults whereas leaping round evasively, making them very arduous to hit. It additionally lets them enter and exit damaging vary in an unpredictable method, very similar to how a wolf would strike.

1 Harald Curved Greatsword

Most well-known for reducing down unsuspecting gamers in The Ringed Metropolis DLC within the big fingers of the Harald Legion Knights, that is additionally the final space the place it may be discovered. The Harald Curved Greatsword will be looted from a corpse within the poison swamp simply previous some Poisonhorn Bugs at The Dreg Heap.

It features very similar to the Exile Greatsword, although it has a novel weapon talent known as Sever. This chopping maneuver permits the participant to slam this large blade down onto foes with each fingers gripping both finish of the weapon, which will be adopted up with successive inputs for lethal chain assaults.

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