Star Wars: Rely Dooku Ought to Have Been A Better Risk To Palpatine

Star Wars: Rely Dooku Ought to Have Been A Better Risk To Palpatine

If nothing else, the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy has supplied an limitless supply of questions and contemplations for a galaxy far, distant. It added a lot to the tapestry of the Star Wars Saga, from new planets to new factions and particularly new characters. Assault of the Clones launched followers to one of many franchise’s the best villains, Rely Dooku of Serenno – also called Darth Tyranus. Dooku was the Head of the Confederacy within the Clone Wars and secret Sith apprentice to Darth Sidious. Contemplating the lengthy con Palpatine was enjoying on the Galactic Republic, plenty of his strikes relied on the efforts, and good religion, of Rely Dooku. Dooku ought to have realized his clout and made a play for the Galaxy.

In 102 BBY, Dooku was born on the Outer Rim planet of Serenno, named for his household Home, to rulers Rely Gora and Countess Anya. He had two siblings, older brother Ramil and youthful sister Jenza. Upon discovering Dooku’s drive sensitivity, merciless Gora solid out the kid, abandoning him bare and uncovered to predators on the edges of a far forest. The Jedi discovered the boy and took him into the Order.

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He was a studious and exact pupil, excelling within the Drive, and was famous for his expert use of the lightsaber. Whereas a Padawan to Yoda, he grew to become initially disillusioned with the Jedi Order after they forbade him and his buddy Sifo-Dyas from helping a planet about to be hit with a cataclysmic photo voltaic storm. The Jedi duo went anyway however had been too late to avoid wasting everybody. Had the Jedi Council allow them to do their responsibility, much less folks on the planet would have been torched alive.

Moreover, the Republic was extra involved with the lack of the planet’s valued sources than with the inhabitants. Dooku went on to change into a Jedi Grasp and a lightsaber teacher. He had two Padawans, Rael Averross and Qui-Gon Jinn, earlier than he lastly left the Order to renew his station on Serenno. To change into the ruler of his dwelling planet, he needed to defeat his brother, Rely Ramil, in a duel to the loss of life.

Taking the seat of Serenno he resigned from the Jedi Order. Dooku fell off the world stage for twenty years. Throughout this time, he cavorted with Darth Sidious to plot the eventual Clone Wars. He employed the murderer Asajj Ventress to kill his sister Jenza, who discovered of his fall to the darkish aspect. Dooku additionally took Asajj as his Sith apprentice. Dooku re-emerged in public after reining in disgruntled programs like his personal right into a Confederacy of Impartial Programs. As Head of the Confederacy, he seceded from the Galactic Republic formally beginning the Clone Wars.

Evaluating the 2 Sith, Tyranus was older than Sidious by twenty years. Palpatine trotted a gradual and regular course by means of the political system, from Senator to Supreme Chancellor after which to Emperor (on the again, and head, of Dooku). Dooku skilled an excessive amount of the galaxy. He was already ruler of his dwelling planet by the point he even entangled with the Sith. Dooku had a deeper connection to the methods of the Drive than Palpatine did, having been a Jedi previous to falling to the darkish aspect.

He absolutely skilled the Jedi Order from childhood to grownup, from Padawan to Knight to Grasp. He was instantly taught by Grand Grasp Yoda. He spent an excessive amount of time educating different Jedi, each within the methods of the Drive and fight coaching with a lightsaber. Palpatine was solely taught by Darth Plagueis and peripheral Sith doctrines. Certain, Sidious inherited the Sith Grand Plan from Plagueis, however as soon as Tyranus obtained into the mandatory positions to enact it, he may have slipped off Palpatine and simply continued his personal method.

No matter Palpatine’s place as Supreme Chancellor, or his secret identification as Darth Sidious, the Grasp of Tyranus, Rely Dooku was the chief of a secessionist motion within the galaxy. What was to cease Dooku from undertaking the targets of the Clone Wars and take half of the galaxy for himself? He had an enormous droid military, he had the backing of a number of programs, he had highly effective allies like Normal Grievous and Asajj Ventress (earlier than Dooku betrayed her to indicate favor to Sidious, which he ought to by no means have carried out).

The scales of energy simply may have tipped in favor of Dooku and his trigger in opposition to the Galactic Republic. To start with sequence of Revenge of the Sith, Dooku has Palpatine captured. Though this was a prearranged scheme, Dooku ought to have taken benefit of the state of affairs to execute Palpatine, simply as Palpatine fatefully did to him.

What was Dooku’s endgame with Palpatine? Sidious used Tyranus to make a clone military (Tyranus employed Jango Fett, in spite of everything). He additionally used him to create a secessionist faction within the galaxy to interrupt away and wage warfare on the Republic. The Sith Grand Plan was to eradicate the Jedi Order, tear down the Galactic Republic and recreate the Sith Empire. If Dooku was to be the opponent of the Republic, what place may he serve after the warfare? He could be thought of a traitor to the Senate. Would Tyranus reside the remainder of his life within the shadows whereas Sidious reigned? He needed to have identified Sidious was going to kill him. Particularly as soon as Sidious had his eyes on the highly effective Anakin Skywalker. It’s within the very nature of the Sith to betray each other and to take away the weak in favor of the robust. Dooku was a lobster in a slow-boiling pot.

Darth Tyranus was extra highly effective than Darth Sidious, however he was no more clever. Nor did he have any essential considering. If he examined his state of affairs, he would have seen that he had all of the playing cards over his Grasp. All he needed to do was prepare for a serendipitous accident to happen and bam, Darth Tyranus reigns Sith supreme. He didn’t. As an alternative, he did every little thing his Grasp bade him proper up till he organized his personal execution.

There’s something to be stated about Sheev Palpatine’s potential to acknowledge pawns when he sees them. He used Queen Amidala to change into Supreme Chancellor. He used Sifo-Dyas to ascertain a clone military. He used Jar Jar Binks to offer him Emergency Powers. In the end, he used an unwitting Rely Dooku because the clamp for his galactic warfare. Nevertheless cool or highly effective or clever an individual is within the Star Wars galaxy, nobody, not even Grasp Yoda, has extra forethought than Darth Sidious himself.

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