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Kingdom Hearts 4: Riku’s Growth within the Series Explained

Kingdom Hearts 4: Riku’s Growth within the Series Explained

From the very starting, Kingdom Hearts has been an epic magical journey starring a mix of Disney, Square Enix, and authentic characters. Sora, Donald, and Goofy set off on a worlds-hopping journey to avoid wasting the universe from an encroaching darkness and rescue their associates. Things have turn out to be extra difficult since then, however the fundamental premise nonetheless holds true. In the following years, lots of these associates acquired bigger roles, and everybody started their sluggish narrative journey to the climactic Keyblade War of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Perhaps the largest enlargement belongs to Riku, Sora’s greatest buddy and former rival. He began life as one of many main villains of Kingdom Hearts 1, and he is been coping with the ramifications of that ever since. Riku has been by means of rather a lot, and he comes out the opposite aspect in KH3 as a robust and reliable ally, capable of match Sora by way of energy and nearly by way of coronary heart. His boasting within the franchise’s early days about how his coronary heart is stronger than the darkness has been confirmed true, however this just lately elevated Keyblade Master needed to undergo the wringer to grasp what that power actually meant.

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Riku’s Early Days in Kingdom Hearts

In the primary sport, Riku fell in with the villains. He was tempted by the darkness that supposedly supplied the power to guard what mattered to him, and the fun of feeling vital on this planet. He did not understand he was being pulled deeper and deeper, and early on was nonetheless keen to collaborate with Sora sometimes. However, his selfishness and aggressive spirit ultimately acquired one of the best of him, and as soon as Sora beat Riku definitively, he totally gave in to the darkness and have become a vessel for Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. His personal coronary heart managed to reawaken to the sunshine after Sora beat Ansem, and he ends Kingdom Hearts 1 gracefully by serving to Sora shut the Door to Darkness.

This begins Riku’s franchise-spanning journey to redemption and self-actualization, however the starting is a bumpy one. He results in Castle Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the place he not solely must cope with Organization 13 but in addition a Replica of himself that embodies his flaws and Ansem’s lingering spirit. Thanks to a burgeoning friendship with King Mickey, Riku begins to simply accept that darkness is part of him, however he nonetheless has his reservations.

These worries come to a head when he must seize Roxas late in 358/2 Days to interrupt Sora out of stasis. Roxas is violently upset by that time within the story, and has turn out to be so highly effective that Riku must let Ansem possess and remodel him once more simply to eke out a win. He spends Kingdom Hearts 2 hiding his face in disgrace, however the mixture of Sora’s unconditional friendship and a reality-bending explosion jolts him again to regular.

Riku’s Development Into a Keyblade Master

The subsequent chronological sport to function Riku is Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and it represents a significant milestone in Riku’s improvement. While Riku has been Sora’s succesful rival for a while, he steadily finally ends up needing to be rescued, each bodily and emotionally, by his associates. KH3D is the place Riku comes into his personal as a personality and a Keyblade wielder. Riku serves as Sora’s Dream Eater on this sport and finally ends up rescuing him from the darkness this time round. Riku is rather more comfy coping with darkness, and along with his most convincing victory over Ansem but, he’s proclaimed a Keyblade Master.

Kingdom Hearts 3 represents the fruits of all that Riku has struggled to turn out to be throughout the sequence. He and Mickey are the 2 heroes trusted with plumbing the depths of the Realm of Darkness, and though the sheer concentrated darkness is an excessive amount of for them to deal with, they do handle to search out Aqua. Riku goes on to play a significant supporting position within the finale, doing his greatest to assist all of his allies nevertheless he can. While Sora should still outshine him, he is not bothered by this anymore. The sport even makes a degree of utilizing two Riku Replicas, the redeemed one from Chain of Memories and a time-traveling duplicate of that Replica when it thought it was Riku, to point out simply how a lot Riku has modified. With him main the cost into Quadratum to rescue Sora once more, it is protected to say that Riku’s days of villainy are far behind him, and his associates are fortunate to have him round.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is offered now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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