Naruto: Kakashi’s 10 Best Jutsus & Techniques

Naruto: Kakashi’s 10 Best Jutsus & Techniques

Kakashi Hatake is among the hottest and beloved characters within the Naruto anime sequence. As the principle character’s mentor and an eventual Kohona Hokage, Kakashi additionally occurs to be one of the crucial highly effective ninjas within the sequence. A ninja’s power and abilities are tied to their proclivity with Jutsus, whether or not that is Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu. As it occurs, Kakashi is aware of plenty of them.

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Because of Kakashi’s Sharingan, he can copy the Jutsus and strategies of others with ease. This is why one in all his monikers is “Copy Ninja Kakashi.” Though Kakashi has plenty of Jutsus in his arsenal, he favors a few of them greater than others, and the followers additionally imagine that these Jutsus are his most iconic.

One Thousand Years Of Death

The One Thousand Years of Death is extra of a gag method, however it’s nonetheless one in all Kakashi’s most memorable ones. After its introduction within the fourth episode of the Naruto anime sequence, it blew followers away and left many hysterical.

Despite being handled extra as a joke within the sequence, the method is definitely recognized to inflict extreme ache. What’s much more attention-grabbing is that Kakashi’s father, Sakumo Hatake, has used the method as effectively. Perhaps he handed it from father to son.


Kakashi’s skill to make use of Rasengan is a testomony to his Jutsu-copying prowess. Rasengan is claimed to be one of many hardest strategies to carry out; but, Kakashi was in a position to do it simply by always observing it along with his Sharingan.

Kakashi has by no means used Rasengan in fight all through the present. However, it was a memorable second for the character when he revealed to Naruto that he’s in a position to carry out the method as effectively.

Summoning Technique

Like many ninjas within the Naruto sequence, Kakashi may use Summoning Technique. In his case, he summons a pack of ninja canines. While Kakashi by no means makes use of them in fight, they’re extremely useful in monitoring missions.

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Unlike most summons, Kakashi’s ninja canines can talk via human language, making interactions and strategizing with them extra handy. Most of his canines have additionally developed affection in the direction of different ninjas, comparable to Naruto and Sakura.

Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique

The Water Dragon Bullet method is a posh Jutsu. To carry out it, the ninja should carry out 44 hand seals, probably the most required hand seals for one Jutsu. Kakashi was in a position to copy this method instantly from Zabuza and efficiently used it in opposition to him.

This Jutsu is utilized by most Water Style customers for its uncooked power and effectiveness in fight. However, for a ninja to correctly make the most of this method on the battlefield, they should be extremely expert and fast in forming hand indicators. Thankfully, it seems that Kakashi is.

Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall

The Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall method is a go-to Jutsu for a lot of Earth Style customers. It is a robust defensive Jutsu and customers may make use of it to include and incapacitate.

Kakashi has used this method a number of instances, however he particularly sought to enhance upon it after he misplaced his Sharingan because of the loss of life of Obito. He managed to enhance upon this method a lot that he might finally summon an Earth Wall to encompass a small village, and go away it up for an entire day.

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

The Fire Release: Great Fireball method is a staple Jutsu for the Uchiha clan. The Uchiha clan considers the method a coming-of-age ritual. An Uchiha is not thought-about a real grownup till they’re in a position to carry out the Great Fireball.

In the manga, solely Uchihas are proven to carry out this method. In the anime, nonetheless, this method can also be utilized by different ninjas, like Kakashi. Kakashi’s hand seals when performing the method are completely different from the standard ones Uchichas use.


The Sharingan is a robust Dojutsu that the Uchiha bloodline shares. Kakashi’s Sharingan was implanted on him as a present from Obito after when he fell throughout the Third Shinobi War.

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Despite not being an Uchiha, Kakashi’s use of the Sharingan is revered by many, including Sasuke and Itachi. The Sharingan is the basis of a lot of Kakashi’s talents, and can also be the explanation why he can duplicate the strategies of others. Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan was woke up in response to Obito awakening his. After Obito really handed away, Kakashi’s Sharingan additionally dissipated.


Susanoo is the final word skill of the Mangekyo Sharingan. It is claimed to require huge quantities of chakra. The transformation of a person’s Susanoo develops over time till they lastly attain the final word model of the Jutsu, Complete Body — Susanoo.

Fans solely ever see Kakashi utilizing the Complete Body type of his Susanoo. He makes use of the method to nice impact when combating Kaguya alongside his college students. However, Kakashi was solely ready to make use of it when Obito’s spirit inhabited him.


The Kamui method turned one in all Kakashi’s staple Jutsus throughout the Shippuden sequence. He can solely use the method when he prompts his Mangekyo Sharingan.

Kamui opens up a portal to a different dimension. Kakashi makes use of this extra as a defensive method, sending assaults, projectiles, and every other types of power into the Kamui portal, rendering them ineffective. Eventually, Kakashi discovered to make use of Kamui on himself, permitting him to teleport the identical method Obito does.


Raikiri, also called Lightning Blade, is one in all Kakashi’s favourite Jutsus. A way he created himself, Raikiri is a really highly effective offensive method that pierces virtually something it touches. It is a sophisticated model of Chidori, one other one in all Kakashi’s innovations, though their actual distinction is unclear.

Like Chidori, Raikiri additionally depends on Sharingan for efficient utilization. Due to this cause, Kakashi could not use the method anymore when he misplaced his Sharingan. As a end result, he created the Lighting Release: Purple Electricity Jutsu, a variation of the method that turned out to be significantly higher than its predecessor.

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