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New World: Everything You Need To Know About Woodworking

New World: Everything You Need To Know About Woodworking

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Wyrdwood Planks

Ironwood Planks

Glittering Ebony

Cutting down timber in video video games has been a staple mechanic in a ton of titles over time, nonetheless, fashionable video games are starting to innovate on this space to make it a bit much less mundane but simply as enjoyable and satisfying. Those having fun with Amazon‘s New World will probably should do a number of Woodworking with the intention to craft a few of their desired objects.

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However, assembling items just isn’t fairly as simple as simply crafting uncooked wooden into completed merchandise, as gamers might want to refine particular sorts of wooden from different parts harvested on the planet’s many forests. This essential center step is what the Woodworking talent represents and leveling it up will make gamers extra able to crafting increased tiers of refined wooden. The supreme solution to plan out one’s forestry pursuits is to determine the type of wooden that one will want and learn how to purchase it.


Requirements For Crafting Timber

Must use a Tier 1 Woodshop or increased

Timber Crafting Recipe

4 Green Wood

About Timber

As probably the most primary type of refinable wooden within the sport, gamers will want a number of Timber early of their adventures. Thankfully, the Green Wood used to make them will be discovered from the plentiful Young Trees that adorn the panorama within the low-level areas.


Requirements For Crafting Lumber

Must use a Tier 2 Woodshop or increased

Woodworking talent have to be stage 50 or increased

Lumber Crafting Recipe

4 Aged Wood

2 Timber

About Lumber

As the identify of the primary part implies, gamers should collect Aged Wood from Mature Trees. These are much less frequent than Young Trees, however can nonetheless be discovered abundantly sufficient to not trigger points for aspiring woodworkers.

Wyrdwood Planks

Requirements For Crafting Wyrdwood Planks

Must use a Tier 3 Woodshop or increased

Woodworking talent have to be stage 100 or increased

Wyrdwood Planks Crafting Recipe

4 Wyrdwood

2 Lumber

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About Wyrdwood Planks

This is the place the naming conventions of New World can get a bit tough, as some phrases start to appear like they’re interchangeable, although they aren’t. Players should collect uncooked Wyrdwood from comparatively uncommon Wyrdwood Trees, nonetheless, gamers might want to mix this uncooked useful resource with Lumber at a Woodshop to create the refined product generally known as Wyrdwood Planks.

Ironwood Planks

Requirements For Crafting Ironwood Planks

Must use a Tier 4 Woodshop or increased

Woodworking talent have to be stage 150 or increased

Ironwood Planks Crafting Recipe

4 Ironwood

2 Wyrdwood Planks

About Ironwood Planks

Much like with Wyrdwood Planks, Ironwood Planks and their part, Ironwood, are linked by identify. Players should chop down hard-to-find Ironwood Trees to get the Ironwood wanted to make these Tier 5 planks.

Glittering Ebony

Requirements For Crafting Glittering Ebony

Must use a Tier 4 Woodshop or increased

Woodworking talent have to be stage 200 or increased

Glittering Ebony Crafting Recipe

4 Ironwood Planks

2 Wildwood

1 Barbvine

1 Obsidian Sandpaper

About Glittering Ebony

Despite additionally being a Tier 5 refined useful resource, similar to Ironwood Planks, Glittering Ebony will probably be a lot tougher to accumulate because it not solely requires pretty high-tier parts but additionally assets which might be random drops. Both Barbvine and Wildwood will be obtained as uncommon loot from Ironwood Trees, so gamers might want to lower down a ton of this less-seen forest species.

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