The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Should Come to Switch with This Skyward Sword Feature

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Should Come to Switch with This Skyward Sword Feature

A whole lot of followers of The Legend of Zelda thought that Nintendo would have as explosive an anniversary for the franchise because it did for Super Mario‘s 2020 anniversary. On the opposite, The Legend of Zelda has been fairly quiet in 2021. Contrary to common perception early within the 12 months, there isn’t any signal of ports for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or The Wind Waker. Instead, Skyward Sword HD leads the cost for Zelda‘s thirty fifth anniversary, doing its finest to sate followers earlier than Breath of the Wild 2 releases subsequent 12 months. It would’ve been nice to see Twilight Princess be a part of its fellow Wii title on the Switch, however seeing what number of changes Nintendo made to Skyward Sword, it is not shocking that the writer opted for just one port.

However, there’s undoubtedly one thing helpful about Skyward Sword HD for different Zelda video games eager for ports. Skyward Sword was a controversial title in its time for fairly just a few causes, however Nintendo discovered lots of methods to optimize, streamline, and customarily enhance the sport. Although some nonetheless view Skyward Sword as considerably flawed, Skyward Sword HD‘s reception has been constructive, significantly towards the methods Nintendo improved the sport. Twilight Princess deserves an analogous revamp, largely as a result of it shares a evident flaw with Skyward Sword. A Twilight Princess remaster for Switch actually should let gamers choose out of pointless merchandise notifications as Skyward Sword HD did.

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Skyward Sword HD’s Item Notification Changes

A serious situation that Skyward Sword suffered from in its Wii launch was a deluge of pointless merchandise notifications. The sport was designed to elucidate each collectible merchandise, from Rupees of various colours to crafting elements, the primary time Link finds an merchandise of its sort throughout anybody session of Skyward Sword. This is not an inherently unhealthy thought; new Zelda followers do not know the worth of each Rupee by coronary heart, and generally merchandise notifications can present useful data, like progress in accumulating Pieces of Heart. However, each time Skyward Sword gamers booted up the sport after turning off their Wii, they’d need to overview all of those merchandise notifications for even the banalest gadgets. It proved to be a significant annoyance for Zelda followers in all places.

Nintendo should have realized how a lot followers disliked the recurring notifications as a result of it made an enormous deal out of the truth that Skyward Sword HD vastly streamlined merchandise notifications. Rather than gadgets getting described each time Link finds them in a Skyward Sword play session, Skyward Sword HD simply explains gadgets the primary time Link finds them, then strikes on. It may look like a small change on paper, however when it comes to Skyward Sword‘s pacing, it is a lifesaver. Players that when felt actively discouraged from accumulating treasure due to annoying notifications can now gather valuable Rupees and helpful elements at their leisure.

Treasure ought to really feel rewarding in any sport, however low-level treasure ought to by no means hinder the pacing of the sport. Initial notifications are helpful, however in the long term, Skyward Sword gamers need to have the ability to decide up purple Rupees and Amber Relics with out stopping of their tracks. These gadgets aren’t practically as necessary as Pieces of Heart, which deserve a second’s celebration. Nintendo made a improbable resolution in growing Skyward Sword HD, listening to fan complaints about gadgets descriptions, and enhancing the sport’s pacing.

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Twilight Princess on Switch Can Inherit Improvements

Twilight Princess suffered from some related issues to Skyward Sword. Fans could keep in mind that Twilight Princess additionally stopped to explain the worth of every Rupee sort each time Link finds the primary Rupee of its sort in a session of play. This made discovering treasure really feel much more sluggish than it should. It did not assist that there have been loads of different collectible gadgets that continuously supplied Link notifications. Collecting Poe souls may really feel gradual as a result of Twilight Princess would remind Link what he’d simply gotten. Similarly, Agatha’s insect accumulating would cease the sport to inform Link precisely what he’d picked up, though there was solely a marginal distinction between every bug. Just like in Skyward Sword, these notifications have been small points individually, however they added as much as constant annoyance.

Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U did take one step in the precise path by eliminating extra notification of Rupee quantities, on prime of different accessibility enhancements when it got here to Rupees. Even so, it would be nice to have a Switch model of Twilight Princess that removed different pointless notifications like Skyward Sword HD. For gadgets like Poe souls and golden bugs, Twilight Princess may simply carry an thought from Breath of the Wild, placing a small textual content notification on the aspect of the display screen when Link will get such an merchandise. That method gamers will know what precisely they’ve picked up while not having to cease for just a few seconds simply to look carefully at what minor merchandise they’ve picked up.

Twilight Princess HD Could Still Go Further

Skyward Sword HD is a good enchancment over the unique sport. However, it additionally highlights the truth that Twilight Princess deserved one other look on the Switch, simply as followers hoped for. Twilight Princess can be a fantastic sport, however it’s not good. Skyward Sword HD highlights Nintendo’s willingness to acknowledge the failings in its video games and enhance upon them. It may simply take most of the enhancements that it put into Skyward Sword HD and apply them to a Twilight Princess HD remaster for the Switch.

For now, it does not appear like Nintendo will launch one other model of Twilight Princess HD within the close to future. The prolong of Skyward Sword HD‘s adjustments and the necessary work on Breath of the Wild 2 imply that Nintendo has had its fingers full with Zelda tasks for fairly a while. If Nintendo is discussing a Switch version of Twilight Princess internally, then it is most likely nowhere close to able to launch. Thankfully, the looks of the Switch OLED means that Nintendo will follow the Switch era for just a few extra years earlier than transferring on to one thing completely new. That signifies that there’s nonetheless hope that Twilight Princess HD will sometime be a part of Skyward Sword HD on the Switch and borrow from Skyward Sword HD‘s lengthy checklist of enhancements.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is out there now for GameDice, Wii, and Wii U.

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