Everything We Know About Obsidian Entertainment’s Secret Project

Everything We Know About Obsidian Entertainment’s Secret Project

No matter how necessary or common they’re, nobody particular person is accountable for a online game being large, common, and well-received. Games are oftentimes made by scores, if not a whole bunch, of builders, however numerous players might affiliate one particular person with the studio essentially the most. For instance, it’s unattainable to suppose Bethesda with out eager about Todd Howard or Pete Hines, Naughty Dog with out Neil Druckmann, or Epic Games with out Tim Sweeney.

For Obsidian Entertainment, that affiliation goes to Josh Sawyer. His expertise at Obsidian, in addition to previous to it, has led him to work on a number of the greatest RPGs on the market, equivalent to Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, and The Outer Worlds in some capability. More particularly, Sawyer was the challenge director and lead designer for Fallout: New Vegas, recognized for later publicly releasing his personal mod for the sport. Pillars of Eternity can be his creation, having satisfied Obsidian to make use of Kickstarter to fund the challenge, and it set data on the time.

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With all of this in thoughts, there’s a secret challenge at Obsidian Entertainment led by Josh Sawyer (whereas additionally sustaining his position as studio design director). This challenge has been talked about a couple of times in passing, however it has not been formally showcased. Thanks to those mentions, there are some things followers find out about this challenge, even when it’s not an excessive amount of. It is secret in any case.

Obsidian Entertainment and Josh Sawyer’s Project

Some context comes from different figures at Obsidian Entertainment. Since its acquisition by Microsoft, the studio has confirmed to be a busy beaver. Right now, for instance, followers know that Grounded continues to be getting help, and each Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 are in improvement. Obsidian Feargus Urquhart as soon as joked that the studio has between one and forty video games in improvement.

Obviously, there usually are not forty video games in improvement, however Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2, and this challenge make not less than three. There could possibly be extra at some stage, however that’s the underside line. Grounded’s Adam Brennecke as soon as stated that Obsidian has a number of large RPGs in improvement, and meaning this challenge could possibly be one other large RPG. It’s not definitive however it’s additionally a specialty of the studio, so it wouldn’t be stunning.

The first direct point out got here after the announcement of Avowed. As many know, Avowed shares a world with Pillars of Eternity, and lots of had been stunned to see that Sawyer wasn’t immediately hooked up. He dabbles in numerous issues in his position as studio design director, however isn’t a serious a part of this challenge. His response on the time was that he does have his personal challenge, it’s simply not Avowed.

This led some to imagine that it could possibly be The Outer Worlds 2, however that too has since been introduced. He’s circuitously hooked up to it both. The most up-to-date remark of this challenge got here lately in a response to a viral Twitter pattern in regards to the final 5 video games somebody has performed. Sawyer answered, but additionally talked about that he’s performed the unreleased Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2, and his challenge.

This means they’re all in a playable state, however key context is lacking. To what extent they’re playable isn’t answered, which means it could possibly be something from a small take a look at sandbox to a concrete space or past. Based on this info, it does appear to be it could possibly be the furthest away. It was talked about shortly after Avowed however has not obtained an official announcement. The Outer Worlds 2 was introduced earlier than it.

It’s not the most secure wager, however of three, it might be the furthest behind in improvement. Avowed has been quiet for the previous 12 months, and The Outer Worlds 2 was very self-aware about its state when it was introduced. Based on this, followers know that it has been in improvement for a 12 months, however it might even have began earlier than then or even perhaps earlier than the Microsoft acquisition. The latter appears unlikely, however on the similar time, it’s nonetheless a headscratcher.

As such, Josh Sawyer’s challenge, ought to it reside to see the sunshine of day (contemplating the character of online game improvement) is probably going far-off. Avowed could possibly be out earlier than followers hear of it in a public matter. Or maybe it’ll come sooner. The solely factor recognized for positive about it’s that it’s Sawyer’s challenge, it is in improvement at Obsidian, and it has been stored hush-hush.

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Speculation About Obsidian Entertainment’s Secret Project

From right here on out, it’s tinfoil hat territory. While it could possibly be something, many followers know what it isn’t and have had concepts on what it could possibly be. For instance, whereas it appears apparent, it’s not Avowed or The Outer Worlds 2. That additionally helps eradicate prospects primarily based on Obsidian’s catalog. Another one it’s not is a South Park sport, as whereas Obsidian made The Stick of Truth, a new South Park sport has already been confirmed at an in-house studio.

Others suppose that it could possibly be Pillars of Eternity 3, and there’s an actual chance there. However, with Avowed taking place in Eora, it appears unlikely the corporate could be engaged on two video games primarily based on the identical IP at the very same time. Based on this, and primarily based on Obsidian’s backlog, it’s attainable to slender down additional prospects.

The most definitely scenario appears to be that it’s a brand new IP. Obsidian has been engaged on a ton of video games on this vein these days, equivalent to Grounded, The Outer Worlds, and Avowed (type of), and it could make sense if he led his personal new challenge to assist outline the way forward for Obsidian. As additionally it is essentially the most catch-all chance, the probability of this appears larger.

Looking at rumors can take followers into additional tinfoil hat territory. Because Obsidian labored on KOTOR 2, as a result of Lucasfilm Games is again and pushing Star Wars video games for the post-EA contract world, and since a type of Star Wars video games is rumored to be an Xbox unique, it could make sense if Obsidian labored on a Star Wars sport. It will not be KOTOR 3, however it’s proper up Obsidian and Sawyer’s alley.

The solely factor that will doubtlessly undercut that is the truth that Sawyer joined Obsidian after KOTOR 2, however on the similar time, he wouldn’t have wanted to. On the flip aspect of this coin, if there’s a particular purpose that Obsidian hasn’t introduced this sport but, it could possibly be associated to EA’s exclusivity contract. If, and it is a reasonably large if, Obsidian Entertainment is engaged on a Star Wars sport, there are actually a few stipulations there.

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The Biggest Obsidian Entertainment Rumor: Fallout New Vegas 2

Lastly, many take a look at Fallout: New Vegas because the crown jewel of the franchise. Outsourced to Obsidian by Bethesda, Fallout: New Vegas hit all the correct marks for followers, who’ve wished a sequel/religious successor from Obsidian for a few years. Rumors about Fallout: New Orleans or Fallout: New Vegas have reared their heads so usually that it might arguably be the commonest rumor on the web. It’s extremely unlikely that Obsidian is engaged on this, but when there was somebody for the job, it could be Josh Sawyer.

It’s value mentioning that, when Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft and joined Obsidian below its umbrella, somebody requested Obsidian if it meant Fallout: New Vegas 2 was a chance now. Obsidian replied with a text-based shrugging emoji, however as a result of that is already means on the market, it’s value declaring that Obsidian didn’t have to reply. It did anyway.

The probabilities of a brand new Fallout sport occurring at Bethesda are excessive, as a correct Fallout 5 would seemingly come from there. At the identical time, with Starfield releasing in 2022, Fable releasing earlier than The Elder Scrolls 6, and TES6 wanting on the mid-2020s in essentially the most giving estimates, Fallout 5 is well years away. What higher solution to hold the franchise alive and nicely this decade than to arrange a deal right here and get followers a long-wanted and long-rumored sport.

Again, so little is thought about Obsidian’s challenge, and it might show to be utterly unrelated to something the corporate has completed prior to now. A model new IP/sport from New Vegas and Pillars of Eternitys Josh Sawyer is thrilling by itself, and all of the potential prospects are simply icing on the cake. It’ll be fascinating to see what comes of this challenge, however that too could be stated of Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2. If something is for certain, it’s that Obsidian is shortly turning into the RPG studio to observe.

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