Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve Charjabug

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve Charjabug

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How To Evolve Charjabug In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where To Get Thunder Stones In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Changing how sure pokemon evolve has been a comparatively widespread function when the Pokemon franchise strikes to a brand new era. This started within the transition between Generation 1 and Generation 2, the place gamers may solely get hold of fully-evolved Steel-type pokemon like Scizor and Steelix by buying and selling them whereas they’re holding a Metal Coat merchandise.

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In the newest video games of the principle collection, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Generation 8 of the long-lived franchise got here with a few new evolutionary adjustments. One of them is now, as an alternative of needing to stage up this Bug and Electric-type pocket monster in a particular magnetic subject as in Pokemon Sun & Moon, gamers might want to evolve Charjabug with the assistance of a particular merchandise.

How To Evolve Charjabug In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Put merely, gamers might want to use a Thunder Stone so as to evolve Charjabug in Generation 8. This is a superb change, as having to stage them up in a particular space was annoying and tedious, because it at all times is when attempting to evolve a pokemon through leveling up. Some of the explanation why that is disliked by many are that the majority gamers would relatively farm wild pokemon in areas that yield better Exp or want to permit Charjabug to realize particular Effort Values (EVs).

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Another good factor about this transformation is that gamers do not need to guess or time when to evolve their Charjabug, because the mechanics revolving round its earlier evolution technique had been at all times obscure at greatest. Utilizing a Thunder Stone offers trainers much more management when fascinated by ascending Charjabug right into a Vikavolt, which is right for letting avid gamers stage up Charjabug till they study particular strikes earlier than evolving them.

Where To Get Thunder Stones In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where To Find Thunder Stones In The Lake Of Outrage

By the northernmost stone on this space, gamers could have a 33% likelihood to discover a Thunder Stone each day. Thankfully, since this opportunity happens every day, it shouldn’t take too lengthy to seek out the specified evolution merchandise if one is affected person. It can also be value mentioning that the opposite stones maintain the identical potentialities for different evolution gadgets. Here’s an inventory of all of the acquirable gadgets situated close to the vertical rocks of the Lake of Outrage:

Dawnstone – south stone

Ice Stone – southwest stone

Leaf Stone – west stone

Water Stone – northwest stone

Thunder Stone – north stone

Fire Stone – northeast stone

Dusk Stone – east stone

Shiny Stone – southeast stone

Where To Find Thunder Stones In Bridge Field

The Digging Duo situated in Bridge Field are the NPCs gamers ought to meet up with to probably acquire Thunder Stones, in addition to different uncommon gadgets. Trainers ought to communicate with the Stamina Brother, as he’s the one one out of the 2 with an opportunity to dig up a Thunder Stone.

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