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Stardew Valley: Leah’s Statue Conspiracy Explained

Stardew Valley: Leah’s Statue Conspiracy Explained

Many Stardew Valley followers will know of Leah, an artist residing close to Marnie’s farm. They may even know of the statue that the participant character receives in the event that they’ve befriended her. There are many statues that gamers could have seen Leah work on or show all through Stardew Valley‘s seasons. However, one particular statue results in a treasure hunt that has but to be accomplished by the neighborhood.

Players will obtain this particular sculpture of Leah’s throughout her sixth coronary heart occasion when she exhibits up on the farmhouse door. The sculpture is titled “How I Feel About <Farmer’s Name>” and although it could appear like another summary creation, it is regarded as correlated with the key locked packing containers situated round Pelican Town.

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Stardew Valley’s Locked Boxes

There are quite a few packing containers hidden round Pelican Town, and their places might be revealed if gamers come upon a sure misplaced ebook, what the neighborhood has come to name the Incomprehensible Lost Book. While it initially could appear like gibberish, stringing collectively the primary letter of every phrase will reveal the places of three packing containers—a brown field north of the Blacksmith, a steel field at the back of the Stardrop Saloon, and a chest in Vincent‘s room—and what goes into every of them.

By interacting with these packing containers in a sure means, specifically, placing a predetermined merchandise inside, gamers can be rewarded with a statue (not considered one of Leah’s statues) to make use of as ornament. Put a Duck Mayonnaise within the Saloon’s field to earn the ??Pinky Lemon?? statue, a Strange Bun in Vincent’s chest for ??Foroguemon??, and a Super Cucumber within the brown field to get ??HMTGF??. It’s not been formally confirmed, however it’s thought that the field behind JojaMart and Mayor Lewis’ plant field may also be interacted with equally.

The Shape of Leah’s Statue

Moving ahead from the key packing containers, the conspiracy of Leah’s statue is pretty simple to know, although the knowledge for it’s unfold out throughout the web. Essentially, the statue that Leah presents the farmer is within the form of a loop, and when that loop is put excessive of Pelican Town—the primary portion that consists of the Saloon, Pam’s trailer, the Blacksmith, and so forth—it crosses over the places of these three established packing containers in addition to the 2 that have not been confirmed to work.

The loop additionally crosses over different spots, such because the Clinic, George and Evelyn’s, and across the Community Center space. It’s thought that Harvey’s clipboard could have one thing to do with this secret because it’s interactable however would not present any response. George and Evelyn’s mailbox would additionally make sense as it is a field so, presumably, it may take an merchandise if programmed to. As for the Community Center, there is not any particular “box” in query, however, as gamers know, there’s loads of empty area across the constructing, the playground, the fountain, and the bushes out entrance. It’s doable that there is one thing hiding within the areas that gamers have not discovered but.

It’s unclear if these are associated, however gamers can get hold of the Solid Gold Lewis statue by fixing Secret Note #19, and it may be positioned round Pelican Town. Players can converse with the truck driver at JojaMart and provides him a Rabbit’s Foot in change for a Special Charm. And by shaking the bush behind the park subsequent to the Community Center at midday, gamers will obtain an enormous Junimo plush, which operates very equally to a statue. So it is doable that these are additionally a part of the secrets and techniques laid out by Leah’s loop statue, however the loop on the picture proven above was poorly drawn.

Unfortunately, the proof behind Leah’s statue and the way it ties into Pelican Town tapers off from there. The Stardew Valley fanbase has largely moved away from trying to resolve this thriller, if it even is one. It may simply be an odd coincidence that the loop of Leah’s statue occurs to move over three packing containers when overlayed on the map of Pelican Town in a selected means.

Stardew Valley is out now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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