The Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters Based on Real People

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters Based on Real People

Red Dead Redemption 2 is packed stuffed with strange characters. While lots of the members of the Van der Linde gang had been modeled on their actors, they aren’t the one ones based mostly on actual folks.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has loads of characters who’re straight based mostly on real-life historic figures. Some of the references are humorous, others extraordinarily grim, and all a reminder of simply how detailed Rockstar’s Western world actually is.

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Albert Mason – Ansel Adams

Albert Mason is Red Dead 2’s very personal intrepid photographer and the star of the Arcadia for Amateurs stranger mission. He’s based mostly on Ansel Easton Adams. Although Adams was born in 1902, three years after Arthur first meets Albert Mason, he was well-known for his black and white pictures of untamed animals, and like Albert Mason was a conservationist, mirrored in Mason’s dislike of sport searching.

Angelo Bronte – Charles Matranga

Saint Denis’ Angelo Bronte is predicated on Charles Matranga, an early boss of the New Orleans mob. In actual life, Matranga was one of many targets of the notorious 1891 New Orleans lynchings, when 11 Italian Americans had been killed after the homicide of the town’s police chief. References to comparable occasions will be present in Saint Denis’ newspapers.

Bertram – Schlitzie

Bertram is without doubt one of the performers in Miss Marjorie’s act, the main focus of the stranger mission The Smell of the Grease Paint. His look is straight based mostly on Schlitzie, a sideshow performer who was a mainstay within the Barnum and Bailey circus and had a job within the pre-Code horror movie Freaks.

Black Belle – Belle Star

Black Belle is without doubt one of the gunslingers biographer Theodore Levin has the participant search for within the stranger mission The Noblest of Men, and a Woman. The Red Dead character’s all-black outfit was impressed by Black Belle’s, as was her larger-than-life legend.

Charles Chatenay – Paul Gauguin

Charles Chatenay is the French artist within the stranger mission The Artist’s Way. Paul Gaugin was a French post-impressionist who, like Chatenay, confronted criticism in his lifetime earlier than occurring to be massively influential after his loss of life. Not solely do the pair look comparable, however ultimately Charles leaves for the South Pacific, reflecting Chatenay’s residencies in Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands.

Chester Damsen – Florence Foster Jenkins

Chester Damsen is an opera singer that Arthur Morgan and Josiah Trelawney rob. Her horrible singing voice – and her ironic success – is predicated on Florence Foster Jenkins. Jenkins grew to become a well-known determine in New York on the flip of the century, recognized for her unwavering perception in her expertise regardless of mockery.

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Dorothea Wicklow – Sophia Duleep Singh

Dorothea Wicklow is a ladies’s suffrage activist who will be discovered protesting by herself within the streets of Saint Denis, with an indication studying “Votes for women. Abolish discrimination against half of every home.” She is probably going based mostly on Sophia Duleep Singh, a British Indian suffragette recognized for her lone protests.

Edmund Lowry Jr – Stephen Dee Richards

It typically isn’t lengthy into Chapter 2 that Red Dead 2 gamers uncover one of many victims of Edmund Lowry Jr whereas travelling between the Van der Linde gang’s camp and Valentine. His identify is a nod to Eddie Low, the serial killer from GTA. His story, nevertheless, is predicated on Stephen Dee Richards, often called the Nebraska Fiend, a nineteenth century serial killer. Richards operated in Nebraska and Iowa, a part of the idea for the Heartlands area the place gamers discover Lowry.

L. Hobbs – Beatrice Potter

L. Hobbs is a taxidermist gamers type discover in Strawberry. She recruits the participant to carry her the our bodies of various creatures, which she then levels in human clothes. Although Beatrice Potter’s pursuits had been far much less grim, Hobbs is probably going impressed by the writer, recognized for her anthropomorphized animals in tales like Peter Rabbit. He initialized identify can also be a reference to A.A. Milne, writer of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Evelyn Miller – Henry David Thoreau

Evelyn Miller is a well known writer within the Red Dead universe, and his need to get away from civilization and dwell in a cabin after working at a prestigious college is carefully based mostly on the lifetime of writer Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau’s e-book Walden was all about getting again to nature. As with Evelyn Miller, Henry David Thoreau died younger whereas ending a few of his works. Miller’s design can be based mostly on Thoreau’s, and Thoreau’s well-known essay Civil Disobedience may clarify a few of Dutch van der Linde’s admiration for Miller.

Leviticus Cornwall – E.H. Harriman

While lots of Red Dead 2’s smaller stranger mission characters are based mostly on actual folks, a few of its main gamers are as nicely. Leviticus Cornwall is predicated on E.H. Harriman, the American financier made well-known in popular culture within the film Butch Cassidy within the Sundance Kid, the place he sends the Pinkertons after Butch’s gang. It’s similar to Cornwall sending the Pinkertons after Dutch’s gang following the practice theft at the beginning of the sport.

Professor Marko Dragic – Nikola Tesla

Marko Dragic, the main focus of the stranger mission A Bright Bouncing Boy, is predicated on Serbian inventor Nicola Tesla. Dragic will even point out being betrayed by a “silder-tongued American,” probably a reference to Nicola Tesla’s rivalry with Thomas Edison over the usage of alternating and direct present. Tesla by no means made a robotic son, however he was actually an eccentric – he even claimed to have invented a loss of life ray.

The Aberdeen Siblings – The Bender Family

The Abderdeen Siblings are one of the vital disturbing encounters gamers may need whereas exploring Red Dead 2’s world. Bray and Tammy Aberdeen have an incestuous relationship and can get the participant drunk earlier than robbing them and dumping them in a gap stuffed with corpses. Unfortunately, that is based mostly on a real-life household often called the Bloody Benders, who killed folks in Kansis within the 1870s. Bray and Tammy are probably based mostly on John and Kate Bender, who neighbors claimed had been really married regardless of apparently being brother and sister.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is obtainable now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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