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Destiny 2’s Tale of Two Queens Explained

Destiny 2’s Tale of Two Queens Explained

After months of rumors and leaks about what Destiny 2‘s The Witch Queen growth would seem like, yesterday was Bungie’s large day, and the whole lot was revealed throughout an intense showcase. Between Hive Guardians and weapon crafting coming to Destiny 2, the occasion was the most important Bungie ever held for the sport, and the brand new growth seems like it will be even bigger than Forsaken. Fans might additionally lastly see Savathun in her true kind for the primary time, whereas additionally taking a peek at her Throne World, which goes to be the following main location to go to as soon as The Witch Queen goes reside on February 22 of subsequent 12 months.

The reveal then moved to Destiny 2‘s Season of the Lost and its content material, exhibiting what the seasonal actions are and what to anticipate from the narrative arc for main characters, comparable to Osiris, Savathun, and Queen Mara. What is actually attention-grabbing about Season of the Lost, nevertheless, is that the connection between Mara Sov and Savathun is highlighted in a means that could be very a lot according to Destiny 2‘s storytelling to this point. As a matter of reality, Mara Sov is the Queen of the Reef and the Awoken, whereas Savathun is the Witch Queen. Thus, the road between gentle and darkish could be very skinny, and the “tale of two queens” begins.

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Destiny 2’s Tale of Two Queens and What it Means For the Game

The story of two queens is what Bungie itself known as Season of the Lost, which options each Savathun and Mara as the primary characters gamers can work together with throughout weekly missions. In phrases of lore, Mara Sov is an extremely potent character who manifested out of her personal will the whole Dreaming City, and she or he additionally created her personal algorithm—known as “Logic” in Destiny 2—to realize energy. Queen Mara additionally has a Throne World of her personal, which implies she can not actually die except she is slain in there, not in contrast to mighty Hive characters and Hive Gods themselves.

As a matter of reality, Queen Mara and The Witch Queen have loads in frequent, together with the Throne World aspect that makes them unbelievably laborious to take out. Furthermore, Savathun positive factors energy because of her Worm and the pact she made with it, because the Worm feeds on Savathun’s lies and trickery whereas additionally offering her with an increasing number of energy because of the Hive’s Sword Logic. Both characters appear to dwell in a gray space, the place they’re neither essentially good or evil, that means that they’re each paracausal beings whose actions can’t be predicted as a result of they do not observe the precept of causality of issues—trigger and impact.

Destiny 2: Enemies and Allies

Because of this, the 2 queens are linked on a a lot deeper degree than what meets the attention, and this can grow to be very true with the launch of The Witch Queen growth when Savathun and her Lucent Brood will get the Light. Savathun, being a Hive God, has at all times been related to the Darkness and, therefore, considered one of many best villains that humanity will ever must face. Yet, will that be the case? Or will Savathun change into an ally?

Ultimately, Season of the Lost tells the story of each queens in a means that makes gamers marvel what’s good and what’s evil, and it additionally poses the query as to what defines enemies and allies. From Beyond Light to Season 15, Destiny 2 has been all about forgiveness and discovering a peaceable answer between outdated foes who be a part of arms in a much bigger combat. Players turned associates with Crow, prevented a battle with the Cabal by discovering frequent floor with Caiatl, after which welcomed the Eliksni throughout the partitions of the Last City. As such, the story of the 2 queens could possibly be the start of a brand new alliance.

Destiny 2 is now obtainable on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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