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Greedfall: 10 Best Weapons For The Magic Class

Greedfall: 10 Best Weapons For The Magic Class

Magic is a robust highly effective drive in Greedfall (second solely to romance), significantly later within the sport, so selecting Magic as a beginning class is a smart transfer. Some gamers specialize solely on Magic, and so ignore typical weapons in favor of channeling magic energy via their ring (that are confusingly classed as melee weapons in Greedfall).

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Greedfall‘s traditional beginning courses merely decide the talents the participant begins with, and don’t limit how the character could develop over the course of the sport. For this cause, “dual-class” character builds are standard in Greedfall, with a number of Magic gamers spreading their attributes out and mixing their Magic powers with a pistol, rifle, or melee weapon. For those that select to take action, listed below are some nice picks.

Hammer Of The Forgotten God

For most gamers, that is the primary Legendary weapon they’ll purchase within the sport. And for the Magic class, it’s value hanging onto, probably till the very finish. It won’t be fairly as highly effective as some late-game weapons, nevertheless it’s a one-handed heavy weapon, which is without doubt one of the expertise the Magic class begins with. It additionally solely requires 2 Strength, which is low contemplating its energy.

Obtain it by finishing the “The Man With The Silver Coin” quest in New Serene, which begins as quickly because the participant completes “Coin Guard Merchandise.” The hammer will seem within the participant’s stash upon completion of the search.

Alchemist’s Rapier

Why an alchemist would want a rapier, versus a superb set of secateurs, is anybody’s guess. But no matter its mysterious identify, this one-handed blade combines good primary stats with sturdy elemental injury. It has a modest Agility requirement, making it supreme for a Magic class character on the lookout for a style of metal to again up their Storms and Shadow Bursts.

The Alchemist’s Rapier was really a bonus merchandise gifted to anybody who pre-ordered the sport again in 2019. That ship has lengthy sailed, after all, nevertheless it’s attainable to craft a duplicate of the blade utilizing a Workbench.


Don’t be fooled by the brief, unspectacular identify. In Greedfall, the common-or-garden scimitar is a Legendary weapon. One that may be discovered fairly early within the sport, and requires solely 2 Agility to wield. Be warned although, it additionally requires stage 2 of the Vigor Talent.

As quickly because the participant first will get the prospect to go to Glendgnamvar, head for the east aspect of the area and search for a small damaged bridge. Follow the trail up the bridge and cross the hole by leaping (that is the place that Vigor is available in). Somewhat additional down the trail, the participant will discover the Scimitar in a chest.

Infantryman’s Arquebus

This Epic rifle is a good selection for any participant pursuing a dual-class construct. It requires 3 Accuracy, however packs a severe punch in return. It’s comparatively gradual to fireside (although not something like as gradual as an actual arquebus could be), however does heavy injury and has a excessive likelihood to stun its goal (in the event that they even survive).

Like most Greedfall weapons that aren’t distinctive and Legendary, the Infantryman’s Arquebus can solely be acquired when it randomly seems as loot or service provider inventory. It’s unlikely to take action till the participant has reached fairly a excessive stage.

Ivory Plated Duelling Pistol

This pistol does extra injury to each the goal and its armor than most rifles, plus it has a severely excessive likelihood to stun. The solely trade-off is that it needs to be reloaded after each shot, however reloading is all the time fast in Greedfall. It solely requires 3 Accuracy, so the participant received’t need to stray removed from the paths of Mental Power and Willpower so as to have the ability to use it.

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Despite its energy, the Ivory Plated Duelling Pistol just isn’t Legendary, and so can solely be acquired as soon as the participant is sufficiently excessive in stage to discover Epic gadgets in loot drops and service provider inventory.

Divine Ring

This highly effective ring will give a hefty increase to a Magic consumer’s primary magic assaults and, unusually for an Epic merchandise, it will probably reliably be present in a selected location.

At the northern tip of Tir Dob there’s a marshland. Scattered round that marshland are the corpses of a number of Theleme residents, all of them monks judging by what they’re carrying. All of them are carrying rings, one of the best of which is the Divine Ring, discovered on the corpse mendacity on the foot of a giant tree to the north.

Ring Of Divine Fury

Of probably the most highly effective rings within the sport, that is the best to acquire, contemplating it’s awarded to the participant for finishing a quest in the primary story line. That quest is “In pursuit of Tierna Harh Cadachtas,” which takes place within the historic woods of Frasoneigad.

It’s a protracted quest, climaxing in a troublesome battle in opposition to an enormous Ent-like creature. Defeating the creature results in the invention that the participant has been manipulated by a spy and, after one other transient battle with him, the participant can resolve whether or not to kill him or let him go. After that, the search is full and the ring is awarded.

Ring Of Divine Punishment

This is a really highly effective ring, however there’s no dependable strategy to get hold of it. Just a few gamers have reported getting it in loot drops early on, whereas others declare to have repeatedly visited each service provider within the sport, and never as soon as set eyes on it.

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It’s not one of the best ring within the sport, however it’s the strongest one which seems randomly, which makes it one thing of a collector’s merchandise. Players who search it don’t have any selection however to maintain enjoying till it will definitely exhibits up.

Ring Of Damnation

It could be cheap to anticipate one of many sport’s strongest rings to be guarded by a robust monster on the finish of a protracted, hazardous quest. Reasonable, however incorrect. The Ring Of Damnation is definitely simply sitting in an unguarded chest simply outdoors the city of San Matheus.

To discover it, head out of the east gate and instantly flip left off the highway. Somewhat manner up the hill is an deserted cart, behind which is a chest. Open it as much as declare the Ring Of Damnation.

Ring Of The Mother Cardinal

This is by far one of the best ring within the sport, however the one likelihood to get it happens proper on the finish of the primary questline. Unfortunately, that doesn’t depart a lot alternative for gamers to take pleasure in it.

The participant can’t get the ring if they’ve a Friendly relationship stage with the Theleme in the course of the ultimate quest, “Together For Teer Fradee.” They can also’t get it in the event that they persuade the Theleme to take part within the ultimate battle. But in the event that they’re not too pleasant with the Theleme, and so they don’t conform to battle alongside them, then they are going to (for some cause) be awarded a hoop. That ring is likely to be the Ring Of The Mother Cardinal — nevertheless it won’t. It’s random, which is bizarre, nevertheless it’s the one strategy to get it.

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