BioShock 4 Could Use an Antagonist Like Frank Fontaine

BioShock 4 Could Use an Antagonist Like Frank Fontaine

Though particulars about BioShock 4 are restricted, the sport might clearly profit from a robust antagonist. That is precisely what Frank Fontaine supplies within the first BioShock title, as Fontaine’s intense charisma and utter ruthlessness helps outline the epxerience of the primary title. His legacy even weaves its approach into BioShock 2, its numerous DLCs, and the expansions for BioShock Infinite.

Speculation round BioShock 4 is plentiful and various, with little or no identified about its plot, setting, or mechanics. However, BioShock‘s unbelievable and tense writing, of which Fontaine performs an intergral half, units it other than the opposite titles within the sequence. While these video games are actually properly written, many nonetheless view the unique BioShock as the height of the sequence. Coincidentally, none of its sequels had an antagonist as iconic as Fontaine. Of course, Frank Fontaine can’t be given all of the credit score for BioShock‘s crucial reception, as the sport’s distinctive, tense environment is a mix of the writing and the aesthetics. Still, he exhibits how essential a memorable villain may be.

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These parts are complemented by the fraught first particular person shooter gameplay, and the array of terrifying enemies that stalk the sunken metropolis of Rapture. Rapture is an iconic horror setting, because the submerged metropolis marks the failed dream of hyper-capitalist Andrew Ryan, one which succumbed to violent inside battle earlier than the turblent tides started to assert it. BioShock 4 will be unable to emulate the unique setting precisely, although it could actually maybe seize a few of the environment if it employs an antagonist like Frank Fontaine.

Who is Frank Fontaine?

Frank Fontaine was a person of many names. He started life as smuggler Frank Gorland, who needed to make his approach into Ryan’s metropolis of Rapture, which he noticed as the right alternative to run an extended con. To accomplish that, he hijacked and killed rival smuggler Frank Fontaine, who ran a fishing operation. As a few of the sneakiest villains in gaming, the newly topped Fontaine hatched a scheme to work his approach into Ryan’s good books. Correctly figuring out Ryan as considerably of a narcissist, Fontaine slipped flattering letters in with every fishing supply, which finally received him into the oceanic metropolis in 1948.

Of course, as soon as he received to Rapture, he was not fairly as good as his writing may counsel. Fontaine, alongside some employed muscle, shortly established himself as a strong monetary power. He operated a contraband black market that introduced in a variety of clients, and likewise the watchful eye of Ryan. He additionally discovered ADAM in that point, the chemical gasoline of Bioshock‘s finest talents. After battling with Andrew Ryan, Fontaine faked his dying to turn out to be Atlas, who the participant meets in the beginning of BioShock.

Frank Fontaine is a personality woven into the very cloth of the primary sport. If BioShock 4 needs to emulate this antagonist, it wants to take a look at precisely how he turned top-of-the-line videogame villains. BioShock 4‘s setting will must be created with an incredible antagonist in thoughts if it needs to match Frank Fontaine’s standing. While a straight adaptation of the identical twist won’t work, there are a number of methods the sport might have an antagonist that’s simply nearly as good.

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How Could Bioshock 4 Have Another Atlas Moment?

The actual energy of Frank Fontaine in BioShock is in his twist reveal. Atlas is among the finest companion NPCs on the market, his dulcet Irish tones and cheeky wit accompanying the participant all through the sport, lulling them right into a false sense of safety. This makes the reveal on the finish rank as not solely some of the unexpected BioShock twists, however some of the surprising momennts in gaming. Fontaine reveals how the participant has been manipulated your entire time to get up to now, and never solely is it surprising narratively, however it additionally makes some attention-grabbing factors concerning the sport’s central themes.

Bioshock‘s principal themes embrace a robust critique of Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy, which Andrew Ryan posits all through the sport. To all of a sudden reveal that the participant’s personal selections and success have been largely right down to a secret invisible power working within the background actually provides to the sport’s latent critique of utmost individualist philosophies.

A villain like Frank Fontaine for Bioshock 4 might want to play on each the participant’s expectations and the sport’s themes loads. It will certainly not be sufficient to simply have a companion character betray the participant. It may even be value Bioshock 4 having a Fontaine-esque character performing like Borderland’s Handsome Jack – being current, iconic, and charismatically evil, however nonetheless mysterious.

Job listings for the sport suggest Bioshock 4 can have robust RPG mechanics, that means that participant selection will doubtless play into the sport way more than earlier video games. Perhaps it could work properly for Bioshock 4 to have a possible antagonist, whose angle to the participant and world is influenced by participant interplay. While an antagonist like this may not be as stunning as Frank Fontaine, it could have the potential to be much more impactful.

Bioshock 4 is at present in improvement.

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