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Pokemon: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Blissey

Pokemon: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Blissey

Within the Pokemon world, Blissey is thought to be sort, light, and caring. A standard helper to nurses and medical doctors, she helps look after folks and Pokemon alike. In the anime, each she and her pre-evolved type Chansey are seen working alongside Nurse Joys within the Pokemon Center, demonstrating their loving nature.

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In phrases of gameplay, Blissey is a favourite amongst Pokemon gamers, each for its battle utility and its lovely design. As a current addition to Pokemon Unite, loads of gamers are actually in search of details about this angelic-looking creature that is an absolute tank in battle. Here are some things gamers is perhaps stunned to be taught.

Blissey Is Larger Than Some Might Think

In the anime, Blissey is commonly depicted shorter than most people, together with Ash, who’s round 4’7″ tall. Blissey is, in fact, 4’11” tall and weighs about 105 kilos — a bit smaller than a small grownup human.

With her dainty design, some followers may think her smaller, even with out seeing her anime portrayal. Yet regardless of her plain cuteness, Blissey is definitely constructed like a tank. As followers will be taught under, that is truly fairly becoming, contemplating Blissey’s stats.

In Alola, They Work As Nurse’s Helpers

Though Chansey is extra typically seen working at Pokemon Centers within the anime, Blissey is the commonest nurse’s helper within the Alola area. Since this Pokemon shares its pre-evolved type’s pure urge to assist others, it is little surprise that so many Nurse Joys like to have them round as assistants — together with Comfey, who additionally helps out round Alolan Pokemon Centers.

This is not the one case wherein nurse’s assistants fluctuate by area. In Unova, Audino are generally seen aiding Pokemon in want, whereas Wigglytuff support Nurse Joys in Kalos.

She’s Soft & Fluffy

Several Pokemon, significantly these based mostly on real-world animals, function designs that clearly showcase their fur. Blissey, then again, does not look significantly fuzzy — however she’s as gentle and huggable as a favourite teddy bear.

According to its Pokedex entries in Generation III, Blissey makes use of its fur to sense emotions of unhappiness in others, and can instantly rush to consolation them. This empathetic nature is a part of what makes this Pokemon such an amazing companion for nurses.

Blissey’s Line’s Signature Move

Only learnable by Blissey and its pre-evolved types, the transfer Soft-Boiled is among the franchise’s greatest therapeutic strikes. It restores the consumer’s HP by as much as half of its most HP. For instance, if Blissey’s max HP is 100, Soft-Boiled will restore as much as 50 HP.

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In Generations I by way of VI, gamers may additionally use this transfer outdoors of battle to switch 20% of the consumer’s HP to a different Pokemon within the social gathering. Unfortunately, this performance is now not accessible as of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Her Egg Brings Happiness To Those Who Eat It

When a Blissey senses unhappiness in others, she could provide them the egg within the pouch on her stomach. Taking a single chew of this egg will carry somebody a way of pleasure and serenity. Furthermore, Soft-Boiled means that the egg additionally has therapeutic properties, as this transfer makes use of an egg to revive HP.

For these causes, the eggs that Blissey lays are thought of delicacies all through all areas of the Pokemon world. Blissey’s Pokedex entries in Generation VII state that these eggs fetch excessive costs on any market.

Holding A Luck Incense Can Change Its Breeding Results

Some Pokemon, when bred with none particular held gadgets, produce an egg containing the second evolution of their line quite than the primary. Blissey is one such Pokemon. If the participant places her within the Pokemon Daycare and not using a Luck Incense in hand, any Egg they obtain from their Blissey will hatch into Chansey.

In order to obtain a Happiny, the primary in Blissey’s line, gamers should give their Blissey a Luck Incense. Only by holding this merchandise will Blissey produce a Happiny egg.

It Can Learn Some Surprising Moves

Judging by Blissey’s look and in-game description, many gamers may not consider her as a very offensive Pokemon. And whereas it is true that her assault stats aren’t one of the best Blissey is able to utilizing highly effective strikes akin to Fire Blast, Blizzard, and even Iron Tail (regardless of not having a tail). Though she’s extra generally related to therapeutic, these assaults be certain that she will be able to maintain her personal when Trainers carry her out in a battle.

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Since Blissey’s base Physical Attack is dismal, it is best to show her particular strikes as a substitute. If gamers practice their Blissey proper, these Special Attacks can do lots of harm — particularly for a Pokemon that is supposedly so light.

She Has The Highest Base HP Of All Pokemon

No matter the era in query, no Pokemon can beat Blissey in terms of HP. Combined together with her therapeutic strikes and first rate defensive stats, this makes it extremely tough to take down Blissey in battle.

This makes Blissey a incredible addition to any Trainer’s crew, particularly when going up towards opponents whose Pokemon hit laborious. She’s an amazing option to swap in when gamers must heal up their different Pokemon, since she will be able to tank lots of hits and keep standing. This makes Blissey a favourite alternative amongst gamers trying problem runs akin to Nuzlockes.

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