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Why On Earth Have 12,000 People Downloaded a Skyrim Leek Mod?

Why On Earth Have 12,000 People Downloaded a Skyrim Leek Mod?

Arguably, Skyrims lasting legacy could be partly attributed to its thriving mod scene. Modding a recreation like Skyrim has turn out to be a sort of artwork in its personal proper, from numerous visible enhancements to thoroughly new experiences generated inside the recreation’s now-archaic Creation Engine. Skyrim‘s open-ended gameplay lends itself nicely to the creativity of modders, and enjoying the sport in 2021 is a vibrant expertise consequently.

There is a large vary of different mods out there for Skyrim, and a big portion of them concentrate on remastering the sport’s visuals. Even the 2016 Special Edition is almost 5 years outdated now, and the decade-old authentic can usually appear very visually outdated. Nexus Mods has an choice to filter for mods rising in reputation within the final month. One unusual mod has soared in reputation not too long ago, accruing 12.6 thousand downloads since its August 9 launch.

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What is the Skyrim Leek Mod?

Although Skyrim candy roll memes might dominate the cultural conception of the sport’s meals, apparently many gamers are involved with a extra mundane meal: leeks. ‘Scallions of Skyrim – High Polygon Leeks’ is presently trending on Nexus Mods, as a premium answer to all Allium-based participant considerations. At its core, the leek mod guarantees one core factor: making sure meals merchandise look “sLEEK.” The mod shouldn’t be a retexturing, however a mesh remapping. Rather than change up how detailed each leek in Skyrim is, the mod merely remaps every leek’s mesh to make it look rather more round and pure.

This is clearly a vital device for leek fanatics to obtain, nevertheless it additionally provides a much-needed sense of realism to the title. Players can add their very own Skyrim textures to the mod, and have them mapped onto the extra round leek design if they need. Ultimately, the leek mod permits for a weird stage of customization that different modders can use in the event that they so want.

Not solely does the mod correctly render the ultimate product, nevertheless it additionally remastered planted leeks too. While some could view this mod as a foolish gimmick, it does, actually, have a whole lot of impression by way of making the sport extra plausible. Why somebody would want that believability in a world the place dragons shout magic is anybody’s guess, however that’s the fantastic thing about Skyrim mods. Whatever a participant wants, the modding neighborhood can present.

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Why Did So Many People Download It?

The mod presently sits at 12,665 complete downloads, which has it standing as one of many prime 20 hottest Skyrim mods within the final month on Nexus Mods. On the discussion board part of the mod’s webpage, consumer Miraculux stated “after many years of searching, I finally found the mod that breathes new life into Skyrim.”

While some gamers may be excited concerning the mod origins of The Forgotten City, many from Skyrim‘s present mod neighborhood are far too preoccupied with the magic of leeks. However, that has not stopped heated debate from breaking out everywhere in the mod’s discussion board pages. The title ‘Scallions of Skyrim‘ led to a lot debate as to the character of those tasty aromatics, and if “scallion” is an applicable time period. One commenter noticed that “Leaks are not the same thing as scallions.” Not keen to go away this unchallenged, the unique mod creator, wSkeever, retorted: “You’re right. ‘Leaks’ are not the same as scallions, they are what happens when you don’t seal your plumbing properly.” They continued: “Leeks, on the other hand, are onions, just like scallions, and would be an appropriate pun for a name.”

Whatever somebody’s tackle the controversial standing of leeks could also be, in the event that they want to discover the various superb mods of Skyrim, then Scallions of Skyrim could also be an awesome place to begin.

Skyrim is out there on PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox Series X.

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