How Life is Strange: True Colors Tackles the Morality of Alex’s Powers

Life is Strange: True Colors facilities round Alex Chen and her distinctive empathic skills. Alex’s powers are a lot deeper than they seem, nonetheless. When Alex reads the feelings of different individuals, she will hear their ideas explaining why they’re feeling that manner. Not all feelings are that straightforward, although, so she will additionally immerse herself in another person’s feelings to actually perceive what’s affecting them. Finally, Alex has the flexibility to take probably dangerous feelings from others.

Just like anybody with a superpower, Alex has to make use of hers correctly. There are a ton of ethical grey areas to discover, too. For instance, some huge questions are whether or not studying the feelings of others is an invasion of privateness, or whether it is proper to take somebody’s feelings away from them. Life is Strange: True Colors considerably explores these points by means of the story, however as with all Life is Strange recreation, many of the decision-making is left as much as the participant. SPOILERS for Life is Strange: True Colors forward, so proceed with warning.

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How Does Alex Use Her Powers?

In idea, Alex may use her powers for good or for evil. Being in a position to manipulate different individuals’s feelings is a fairly large deal and it may trigger a ton of harm within the unsuitable fingers. For higher or for worse, nonetheless, Life is Strange: True Colors does not actually let the participant use Alex’s powers in a malicious manner, as that is not who Alex is. She’s kindhearted and genuinely empathetic in a manner that goes past her powers. She can use her skills to grasp and assist individuals in a manner that nobody else may.

One of the most effective examples of this occurs in Chapter 1 when Alex saves Ethan. By experiencing Ethan’s worry with him, Alex was in a position to perceive that Ethan wasn’t afraid of falling: he was afraid of an imaginary monster lurking beneath. If anybody else had gone after Ethan, they won’t have been in a position to calm him down the way in which Alex did. Ethan wasn’t sharing, so how would anybody else know what he was actually afraid of?

Alex makes use of her powers to assist individuals in related methods all through many of the recreation, so there’s not an enormous ethical query there. But Alex is not serving to each time she reads somebody’s feelings; typically, she simply does it to fulfill her personal curiosity. It may very well be argued that doing that’s an invasion of privateness or a betrayal of confidence if the data is used inappropriately.

When Alex finds out about Eleanor’s early onset of Alzheimer’s, she will select to maintain her secret or inform Riley. Many individuals would argue that Eleanor’s secret is not Alex’s to share, even when Riley does need to know. True Colors does not inform the participant learn how to really feel about issues like this and does not go in-depth into what’s proper or unsuitable. Alex at all times tries to do the best factor and does not wish to harm anyone, however typically the alternatives blur the road between proper and unsuitable.

Stealing Emotions in True Colors

Possibly the largest ethical query relating to Alex’s powers in Life is Strange: True Colors entails her means to take feelings from different individuals. It’s really a bit disappointing how the narrative does not dive deeper into this query. Alex solely has the chance to do that twice in all the recreation, and the inconsistent penalties do not actually discover the morality of it in a satisfying manner.

The first time Alex has the choice to take somebody’s feelings is with Charlotte. Fans noticed this scene in one of many recreation trailers, so it wasn’t an enormous shock. Charlotte is harboring intense anger that would trigger hurt to herself and others. Without going too deep into the results, the outcomes of this alternative suggest that taking somebody’s feelings is unsuitable and might hurt them another way. It’s higher to allow them to expertise ache authentically than really feel nothing.

The second alternative occurs when Alex has the possibility to take Deputy Pike’s worry away, empowering him with the braveness to combat Typhon. The penalties of this alternative suggest that taking another person’s feelings is okay and might be useful when the choice is giving in, however Charlotte and Pike themselves usually are not impacted the identical manner. While one consequence makes it really feel unsuitable, one other consequence makes it really feel proper.

Life is Strange: True Colors stumbled upon a really fascinating ethical dilemma in what it means to steal individuals’s feelings, but it surely fails to totally study it within the story. Perhaps that was intentional, although, as on the finish of the day, the selection falls to the participant.

Life is Strange: True Colors is obtainable on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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