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Resident Evil: What Happened to the C-Virus

The Resident Evil sequence is thought for its horrific monsters, spine-tingling scares, and attention-grabbing characters. However, one side of the sequence that usually goes missed is the curiosity in and a focus paid to the numerous completely different viruses which are featured throughout Resident Evil video games. Most followers would doubtless be okay if the sequence was about making an attempt to comprise only one virus, like actual viruses, new ones and mutations of older viruses are always being launched within the varied video games.

One virus specifically that followers anticipated to listen to extra from in both Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil Village was the C-Virus. That stated, when it did not make an look in both, some followers started to marvel what precisely occurred to the C-Virus.

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What is the C-Virus?

The C-Virus was launched in Resident Evil 6 as a follow-up to the Umbrella Corporation’s T-Virus. The T-Virus is likely one of the Resident Evil sequence’ most iconic, because it was utilized by Umbrella to show common civilians into the hordes of undead featured in a lot of its early titles, however the C-Virus was made by The Family following Umbrella’s shutdown, hoping to proceed the company’s legacy. The C-Virus stands for Chrysalid Virus, and it basically does the identical factor because the T-Virus, however as an alternative of turning its host into largely unintelligent zombies, these contaminated with the C-Virus retained intelligence and are in a position to rework and mutate into bigger, extra excessive monsters.

What Happened to the C-Virus?

At the beginning of Resident Evil 6, Jake Muller pairs up with Sherry Birkin to assist create a vaccine for the newly launched C-Virus. Unfortunately, earlier than their vaccine may very well be made, the pair was captured. The remainder of the sport offers a handful of different priorities to Jake, however within the remaining moments of his story, he offers a pattern of his blood to Sherry so the vaccine could be completed earlier than he disappears.

Using his blood, a vaccine is made to fight the C-Virus, and proves to be extraordinarily efficient on those that have not beforehand been contaminated. Based on the textual content following the conclusion of Jake’s story, gamers are led to imagine that the rollout of the vaccine is profitable, and that a big majority of the world is protected with Anti-C. The virus was reportedly final seen in 2013 following the conclusion of Resident Evil 6.

Is the C-Virus Coming Back?

Because the C-Virus was the final main viral outbreak within the Resident Evil sequence, some followers assumed it would make a reappearance in Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil Village. Resident Evil 7 ditched numerous the beforehand established RE canon in favor of introducing new concepts just like the Mold, however as RE8 had much more connecting it to the principle sequence, it appeared just like the C-Virus may come again.

Some followers thought that the Cadou parasite was a brand new model of the C-Virus when it was initially launched in RE8, however the sport later makes it clear that the 2 are completely different. The final time the C-Virus was introduced up throughout Jake’s story in RE6 alluded to the truth that the world could by no means be fully secure, so there is a risk it may reappear as soon as extra down the road. There are a handful of viruses that would make appearances in RE9 if and when that ultimately releases, however for now it looks like the C-Virus will stay dormant.

Resident Evil 6 is out there for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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