Tales of Arise: Every Weapon For Rinwell (& How To Craft Them)

It’s typically stated that the pen is mightier than the sword, and, whereas Alphen would maybe disagree with that concept, there might be no denying the immense energy of the written phrase. Rinwell is proof of that energy, with the younger mage utilizing books as her weapon of selection slightly than the staffs, weapons, and blades that her fellow Tales of Arise occasion members select to equip.

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In the bottom model of Tales of Arise, Rinwell has entry to 19 weapons in whole, every of which is predicated on a special work of literature. All however two of them will must be cast by a blacksmith, nonetheless, which, other than being a reasonably ridiculous idea in and of itself, signifies that gamers are going to have to gather a variety of totally different crafting elements in the event that they need to add all of them to their library.

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Secrets of the Stars Balanced Living Taming Water Radiant Light Nature’s Beauty Silver Sword of the Owl Nature’s Beauty: 2nd Ed. Taming Water: 2nd Ed. Artes of the Cosmos Radiant Light: Part 2 The Dark Wings Nature’s Beauty: third Ed. Prime Farming Issue 1 Taming Water: third Ed. Radiant Light: Part 3 Historia Rene Heavenly Gaze Oblivion Ring Records of the Fallen

Secrets of the Stars

Attack Element Penetration 76 93 84

How To Obtain Secrets of the Stars

Secrets of the Stars is Rinwell’s beginning weapon and shall be geared up on her when she begins combating with the occasion after Zephyr is taken by the Snake Eyes.

Balanced Living

Attack Element Penetration 93 113 102

How To Craft Balanced Living

Strange Core x6

Bizarre Megacore x2

Taming Water

Attack Element Penetration 98 122 115

How To Craft Taming Water

Strange Core x8

Astral Crystal Fragment x2

Radiant Light

Attack Element Penetration 123 147 131

How To Craft Radiant Light

Bizarre Megacore x6

Clam Tentacle x2

Nature’s Beauty

Attack Element Penetration 133 164 141

How To Craft Nature’s Beauty

Bizarre Megacore x4

Earth Stone x1

Titanium Vambrace x1

Silver Sword of the Owl

Attack Element Penetration 150 181 164

How To Craft Silver Sword of the Owl

Bizarre Megacore x8

Astral Mass x2

Nature’s Beauty: 2nd Ed.

Attack Element Penetration 162 202 173

How To Craft Nature’s Beauty: 2nd Ed.

Nature’s Beauty x1

Bizarre Megacore x2

Tempest Stone x1

Taming Water: 2nd Ed.

Attack Element Penetration 172 221 200

How To Craft Taming Water: 2nd Ed.

Taming Water x1

Bizarre Megacore x2

Lizard Fin x1

Artes of the Cosmos

Attack Element Penetration 204 247 226

How To Craft Artes of the Cosmos

Bizarre Megacore x8

Astral Crystal x1

Radiant Light: Part 2

Attack Element Penetration 235 280 247

How To Craft Radiant Light: Part 2

Radiant Light x1

Bizarre Megacore x2

Ice Stone x2

The Dark Wings

Attack Element Penetration 255 311 284

How To Craft The Dark Wings

Bizarre Megacore x8

Infused Statue Fragment x2

Nature’s Beauty: third Ed.

Attack Element Penetration 290 356 308

How To Craft Nature’s Beauty: third Ed.

Nature’s Beauty: 2nd Ed. x1

Mystical Luminacore x2

Ossified Stem x1

Prime Farming Issue 1

Attack Element Penetration 93 93 693

How To Craft Prime Farming Issue 1

Mystical Luminacore x8

Cursed Claw x2

Chameleon Hide x1

Taming Water: third Ed.

Attack Element Penetration 310 393 357

How To Craft Taming Water: third Ed.

Taming Water: 2nd Ed. x1

Mystical Luminacore x2

Granite Fragment x1

Radiant Light: Part 3

Attack Element Penetration 372 442 394

How To Craft Radiant Light: Part 3

Radiant Light: Part 2 x1

Mystical Luminacore x4

Historia Rene

Attack Element Penetration 390 476 433

How To Craft Historia Rene

Mystical Luminacore x6

Dark Mane x2

Heavenly Gaze

Attack Element Penetration 445 545 498

How To Craft Heavenly Gaze

Mystical Luminacore x6

Ominous Eyeball x2

Incendiary Scale x2

Oblivion Ring

Attack Element Penetration 499 608 552

How To Craft Oblivion Ring

Mystical Luminacore x10

Dark Tree Blood x4

Dark Mane x2

Majestic Feather x2

Records of the Fallen

Attack Element Penetration

How To Obtain Records of the Fallen

Players will get hold of the Records of the Fallen e-book after defeating the boss on the summit of the Oracle Snowcap through the ‘Otherwordly Visitors’ sub-quest.

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