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NBA 2K22: Best Dribble Moves

Playmaking strikes are core to nearly each construct in NBA 2K22. These are these little stutter steps, fakeouts, and sudden bursts of pace that take gamers from lined to broad open. Gamers that use these strikes can get open with only a waggle of the joystick.

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Since dribble strikes value stamina, utilizing solely the strikes that work nicely is a key part of the sport. Using the default picks will find yourself with the MyPlayer being drained on the finish of a sport utilizing ineffective strikes that did not make any distinction. These are the strikes in NBA 2K22 that pay the perfect dividends after they get used.

Dribble Style


There are three items to having an excellent dribbling fashion. Dribbling must be low to stop steals, quick on the run, and the toes should be even in order that breaking left or proper is equally highly effective. Each fashion has its positives and negatives, however the Fundamental fashion fills all of those classes.

Moving Crossover

J. Tatum

The J. Tatum crossover does not decelerate on the drive like many different crossovers. Also, the physique language seems to go in the wrong way than the participant really strikes, which grants some simple ankle-breakers in opposition to each AI and human opponents.

Moving Behind The Back

Ok. Leonard

The level of going behind the again is to guard the ball, however nearly all of those strikes sacrifice pace to drag the transfer off. Thankfully, the Ok. Leonard transfer protects the ball whereas retaining the identical pace whereas driving, making it the straightforward alternative of the bunch.

Moving Stepback

C. Paul

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Because shifting stepbacks are used to transition right into a jumpshot, they need to throw off the defender by showing to proceed ahead after which rapidly put together to take a shot. The quickest of those is the C. Paul which additionally has a really convincing faux in the beginning, making it the no-brainer alternative.

Moving Spin

J. Embiid

Moving spins ought to throw a defender off throughout a drive, but when they’re too sluggish or unconvincing, the defender can simply get again into place. The J. Embiid shifting spin isn’t solely convincing, however really manages to speed up sooner throughout the course of.

Moving Hesitation

L. Doncic

Unlike many dribble strikes the place the aim is to execute them rapidly, the shifting hesitation must appear to be the participant is altering instructions or crossing over. This motion causes the defender to readjust, then the ball handler can resume course with a sudden burst of pace. The faux on the L. Doncic hesitation is an efficient one and the acceleration afterward must be seen to be believed.

Signature Size-Up

C. Anthony

Size-ups value stamina to make use of, so a nasty one that does not make the defender transfer is severely detrimental to ball handlers. Ideally, they should faux each left and proper, then back and front, fooling the defender about what the following transfer will likely be. The C. Anthony size-up instructions are all plausible and interact in all 4 instructions.

Signature Combo

Ok. Irving

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This is a simple alternative, as Kyrie Irving is broadly considered having among the finest signature combos of all time. What makes the Ok. Irving combo so profitable is the convincing actions, low ball management, and the way nicely the ball is protected. This transfer usually leaves the ball defenseless for transient moments, however Irving leaves no actual window for stealing throughout these strikes.

Size-Up Escape Package

Ok. Bryant

The goal of an escape bundle is to quickly modify to get some house away from the defender. It ought to cowl a number of distance and resolve swiftly for a free shot. The Ok. Bryant bundle does all of this and has some distinctive animations for going back-left and back-right, a recipe for some fully open jumpers.

Triple Threat Style


The triple thread must be a clean however not apparent transition into capturing or dribbling. Most triple risk types solely tease in a single course, however the WNBA 2 triple risk can fluidly transfer left, proper, and ahead. What units it excessive is how the transfer additionally goes again for clean jumpers.

Park Flashy Passes

The Wizard

This one is not a dribble, however it’s included with the playmaking strikes. The Wizard delivers a pleasant faux move in a single course whereas sending the ball flying one other approach, good for making defenders look fully confused within the park.

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