Impressive Overwatch Video Shows Reinhardt Being Used As A Dive Tank

Overwatch is a sport designed round making superior performs. With every sport containing many swings in momentum, a coordinated push or fast response, corresponding to a Reinhardt participant destroying a Rip-Tire on the final second, can change the result of a sport. To enhance, gamers have to be taught to adapt and take a look at new methods, and that’s precisely what one Reinhardt participant is doing.

There are 8 totally different tank characters in Overwatch, every with a singular package. Despite these assorted skills, tanks sometimes fall into 2 classes: dive tanks and predominant tanks. As the title suggests, dive tanks corresponding to D.Va or Winston sometimes use their skills to push by chokepoints rapidly and goal weak opponents. On the opposite hand, predominant tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa give attention to absorbing enemy injury for the remainder of their workforce by using protect boundaries. However, one Reinhardt participant is trying to redefine these classes, displaying gamers that the character could be a dive tank as nicely.

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In a latest Reddit publish, consumer geezyclaps confirmed off a video of them enjoying Reinhardt. In the roughly 1 minute clip, the participant tried to show that the protect tank will be simply as efficient when diving the enemy workforce. Using the cost mechanic, the participant managed to succeed in many areas that had been usually out of attain. The concept behind maneuvering to those unorthodox spots is that the Reinhardt participant can then doubtlessly catch his opponents off guard.

Geezyclaps has put quite a lot of work into perfecting this technique, as he demonstrated this tactic on many areas from Overwatch’s maps. Even although this latest clip solely confirmed the participant performing these costs in follow, they plan to make a follow-up video showcasing this Reinhardt dive technique in matches.

The Overwatch group appears to be having fun with this new techniques video for Reinhardt. With over 2,300 upvotes, players appear impressed with the numerous totally different areas geezyclaps was capable of entry after utilizing the Reinhardt cost. While many followers needed to check the technique out for themselves, a help participant commented that it might be difficult to attempt to heal a Reinhardt utilizing these techniques.

It will likely be fascinating to see how efficient these methods are as soon as Overwatch 2 finally launches. While the sequel to the 2016 sport doesn’t have a launch date, the builders did reveal a large change coming to workforce composition. According to the builders, Overwatch 2 groups will characteristic just one tank as an alternative of two. Time will inform if geezyclaps’ technique of diving the enemy workforce as Reinhardt from these uncommon positions is viable when there are not any different tanks left to help the workforce.

Overwatch is out there now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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