4X game Humankind’s next patch should arrive this month with balancing changes

Another patch is in the works for Civilization VI rival Humankind, Amplitude Studios’ recently released 4X game. There’s not a lot of information out in the wild about what the next update will include, but the developers say it will include some balance changes, which players should be pleased to learn.

Amplitude informally announced the projected schedule for the next Humankind patch during a livestream on September 30, which was then confirmed by a developer in a thread on the Humankind forums. “Regarding the next patch, we are aiming to release it at the end of the month,” wrote user Daarkarr0w, a member of the dev team.

Another Humankind developer who posts under the name The-Cat-o-Nine-Tales provided some additional clarity. September’s patch, they write, was primarily focused on rebalancing pollution so that it wouldn’t end the game prematurely – although it also brought with it fixes to the naval combat system, which up to that point had not allowed players to lay siege to island cities. Both of those issues have been fixed, but Amplitude had to push some planned updates back to make that happen.

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