A new Serious Sam game is coming out this month, and probably yelling a lot

Apparently we’re about to hear about a new Serious Sam game. Publisher Devolver Digital has let it slip that an announcement for a new game in the over-the-top FPS game series is coming next week, and that the game itself – whatever form that takes – will be launching before the end of January.

“What if a new Serious Sam game was being announced next week and released this month?” Devolver asks in a tweet posted the evening of January 6. What if, indeed – but to drive the suggestion home, the publisher included a short video clip with the tweet. In it, a marine buoy is shown floating in an arctic (or possibly antarctic) sea, surrounded by icebergs and snow-covered landmasses.

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A speedboat whizzes by, disturbing some seagulls that have settled on the buoy. The clip cuts to a shot over land, where we see a large hole bored through a pillar of rock. “Damn, it’s cold,” we hear Sam Stone say. “But nothin’ warms me up like kickin’ ass!” Classic Sam, right?

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