I’ve been gaming since 1982, and even though I just hit 50, I still play videogames daily basis. Mostly these days it’s also way of killing time and burn out some excessive rage and gaming is also good way for me dealing with depression..

And, for much of my own surprise, I landed on new permanent job, it seems small miracles to happen from time to time – means simply lot less time to work on the site.. oh well… 🙂

I’ve been fighting with depressesion for over 7 years so far. Medication keeps me functioning, but some day I truly hope to be in full health both physically and mentally…

Streaming, I usually do stream my gameplay, quite irregulary but almost on daily basis – I do not talk much or at all since my english has thicccc accent, perhaps someday I have enough courage to start talking all the time 😉

And those who want to say “get a grip of yourself and do something” – all I will say is to FUCK OFF! Sometimes, when you are battling with mental issues, simple things can be most challenging!

Hmm.. bit of a rambling, but that’s the best I can come up with for now..