Activision Blizzard boss reportedly considering quitting if workplace issues aren’t fixed “with speed”

Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick has reportedly told senior management that he’d consider quitting if he can’t fix workplace issues “with speed”. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kotick made the comments during a meeting with Blizzard executives, where he “stopped short” of saying that he would be stepping down, though he left the possibility open if culture problems at Activision Blizzard aren’t fixed promptly.

During another meeting with Activision executives, Kotick was made aware that some employees wouldn’t be satisfied unless he resigned, the Wall Street Journal adds. The Activision Blizzard CEO allegedly said he was ashamed of some of the incidents that have occurred during his 30-year tenure, further apologising for how unfolding problems have been handled.

Kotick’s reported comments follow a separate story from the Wall Street Journal that allege the CEO knew about and suppressed reports of sexual misconduct over the years. Over 1,700 staffers subsequently signed a petition calling for Kotick’s resignation in response, with leading figures at PlayStation and Xbox also reportedly expressing concern over what’s been raised in the report.

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