Adam Savage Takes a Look at the Stop-Motion Animated Puppets Used in GREMLINS 2 and EVIL DEAD II

Joe Dante’s Gremlins 2: The New Batch had a completely disastrous production, but I enjoyed watching it when I was a kid! It’s actually been a long time since I’ve watched the sequel, but I remember how completely bonkers it was. Then, of course, there’s Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II, which is such a wild and fun horror flick.

Anyway, we’ve got a new video from Tested for you to watch in which Adam Savage takes a look at the stop-motion animated puppets that were used to make these films. The video came along with the following note:

The stop-motion animated puppets created for classic horror films like Evil Dead II and Gremlins 2 are some of the most memorable and creepy creatures put on screen. Adam Savage checks out three stunning puppets from the collection of effects artist Doug Beswick, who worked on the creature animation of those films. The degree of paint and sculpt detail on these still hold up after decades later, and even their revealed armatures show how the puppets were meticulously created to allow animators to give them eerie movements.

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Check out the video below and learn a thing or two about these stop-motion puppets!