‘Age of Empires 4’ announces massive patch adding fan-requested features

Age of Empires 4 is gaining a major new patch next week, adding some features that fans have been requesting since it was released last month.

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First spotted by PCGamesN, the Age of Empires 4 Winter update sees some balance changes being put into effect. The French Hulk ship will be somewhat weakened to make sure it’s not quite as domineering. Alongside that, cavalry will be more vulnerable to crossbowmen, both standard and elite, as well as spearmen.

Elsewhere, the Holy Roman Empire’s prelate has been fixed so that it can continue to inspire nearby units even after being pushed a bit. The Mongols are also being adjusted with their ‘superior mobility’ trait being tweaked so that the speed modifier is ‘appropriately applied’ from now on.

Age Of Empires 4. Credit: Xbox Game Studios.

Some requested UI features will also be added. These include placing the Chinese Dynasty button in a less prominent place so it’s now in the lower left corner of the screen. It will also be possible to enable an in-game score screen too. Other tweaks include being able to view the full map after a match so players can see their opponents’ builds. Work is underway for making it easy to swap between the post-game stats screen and the revealed map too, but don’t count on seeing it until the spring.

There have also been tweaks to the mini-map which makes icons smaller across the board.

Microsoft and Relic Entertainment recently revealed their 2022 roadmap for the game. Spring 2022 marks the arrival of “User Generated Content and tools” which means the ability to use mods for unique maps, modes, and more.

Recently, it was also revealed that Age of Empires 4 will be playable for university credit next year at the University of Arizona.

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