Alexa Bliss Teases Plans for Her WWE Return

WWE confirmed on this week’s Monday Night Raw that next week’s episode would feature a vignette showing Alexa Bliss’ “journey” back to the Red Brand. Bliss — having undergone surgery late last year — was written off WWE TV by losing to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules and having her doll, Lily, get ripped up by “The Queen.” Bliss has kept quiet about what she’ll do once she’s back from her hiatus, but popped up on Twitter last night with a gif from the 2021 movie Cruella with the quote, “Must dash. Much to avenge, revenge and destroy.”

The big question surrounding Bliss is whether or not she’ll keep the demonic persona she had last year or if she’ll return to “The Goddess” persona that earned her five women’s championships, two tag title reigns and a Money in the Bank win from 2016-2020. While her recent persona was met with some ridicule from online fans she always maintained in interviews that she was having fun with it.

Next week you say…

— Lexi Kaufman (@AlexaBliss_WWE) January 4, 2022

“I’ve been saying the last few weeks that this has been the most creative storyline I’ve ever been in and the most fun, because there are no real restrictions right now as to what we can do. And between me, Bray and Randy, just throwing out all these ideas, it’s like nothing is off-limits and that’s what’s so fun about it,” Bliss said in an interview with ComicBook prior to WrestleMania 37 during her storyline with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. “And I love portraying characters and I love doing stuff that’s out of the box, and completely different.

“And the fact that a year ago, if you told me I’d be swinging on a swing set, threatening Randy Orton, I wouldn’t believe you. Or even having a match with Randy Orton, I wouldn’t believe you, but it’s been so fun and I’m just so happy with how it’s turning out because we don’t know. It’s been a week-by-week thing. We’re just adding things, taking away things, trying new things, and I just like where it’s going,” she added.


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Last year saw Bliss betrayed Wyatt at WrestleMania 37 and further developed her own “spooky” persona via the Lily doll. She feuded with the likes of Shayna Baszler and Eva Marie over the summer before coming up short in winning the Raw Women’s Championship against Flair.