Aliens: Dark Descent pits you against Xenomorph hordes

            A new Aliens game from Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive has been announced at Summer Game Fest, titled Aliens: Dark Descent. The tense, atmospheric trailer shows a group of humans exploring a quiet, dishevelled base that is overgrown and covered with gunk, before confronting a group of screaming Xenomorphs in head-on combat.

The tone certainly feels more Aliens than Alien, with plenty of guns and a focus on action. A brief gameplay clip at the end of the trailer shows gameplay taking place from a top-down, isometric perspective, with  four humans standing together against the onrushing alien hordes, acid blood spilling from the foes as they go down. The Focus Entertainment Twitter describes the game as featuring squad-based action where you must fight to keep your team alive as you fight off the alien threat.

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This is a breaking story from the Summer Games Festival broadcast on June 9, 2022. Further details may be added shortly as they become available, and as PCGamesN works to bring you all the latest announcements from Summer Game Fest and all its associated shows in the timeliest possible fashion.