AMD FSR upscaling joins Nvidia DLSS as an official Unreal Engine plugin

Upscaling technologies like AMD FSR and Nvidia DLSS are a quick and easy way to boost fps in the best PC games, without losing much in the way of image quality. However, both require time and knowledge from game developers to implement into their titles. Thankfully, AMD hopes to make this a more simple and less time-consuming affair with the release of its official AMD FSR plugin for Epic’s Unreal Engine.

The announcement comes from an article on AMD’s GPUOpen site (via Videocardz), the same page from which the plugin can be downloaded. The company’s provided some clear instructions on how to install the plugin, but anyone looking to use it should take note that it’s intended to be used with Unreal Engine 4.27.1 and later, and it isn’t currently supported on Unreal Engine 5.

Marrying FSR with Unreal Engine allows for what AMD is calling ‘Hybrid Upscaling’, by which the engine’s temporal anti-aliasing solution will act as the primary upscaler but “FSR can still be used as a Secondary Upscaler to meet project-specific needs.”

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