Among Us Update Adds Much-Needed Feature

A new Among Us update has added a much-needed feature alongside a few other new features, a metric ton of “big fixes,” and even more minor fixes. How do we know all of this? Because developer Innersloth has provided the official and extensive patch notes for the update, which it calls a “Bug Bashing Bonanza,” but is officially called version 2022.6.21. While we have the patch notes for the update, won’t we don’t have are the various file sizes for it.

As for highlights of the update, a Streamer Mode has been added, which isn’t relevant for most players, but great news for some. That’s not the much-needed feature though. The much-needed feature comes in the form of colorblind settings, which vastly improve the game for those suffering with colorblindness.

Below, you can check out the update’s full patch notes:

Quality of Life Improvements & Implemented Community Suggestions

Added a Streamer Mode. When active, room codes do not display in the lobby and is replaced by “Click to copy”. This can be toggled on or off in the General Settings.
Added Colorblind Settings. When active, the names of the colors will appear next to the players during meetings, and below the player during gameplay.

Account linking for all platforms (minus PlayStation and Nintendo) is back. Follow the in-game instructions carefully as we’ve removed Guest Accounts, but it should make it an easier process. More information on the new Account Linking here.
Players are now able to view the map from the voting screen.
Friends List – The player’s last display name will appear above a player’s Friend Code.


Biggest Fixes

Loading screen now waits for every player in the lobby when loading into a round
Kills can no longer happen when an Emergency Meeting is being called
Players can no longer move themselves during the role reveal screen
Players in game should no longer randomly lose the ability to interact with map, complete tasks, or kills
Impostor now shifts correctly when attempting to shapeshift after Emergency Meeting if the meeting was called at the same time
Quick Chat wheel can be used as intended while a task (Download Data / Upload Data) is being completed. Players will no longer be forced to close and re-open chat
Smooth Talker achievement can now be unlocked if the second to last Crewmate leaves the game
Players should no longer see the ‘Sure is taking a while’ error message when launching Among Us
Friend Codes no longer duplicate across all players when player and host rejoin lobby
Friends List – Chat icon will display as grayed out when the Friends List is open. Opposite is true if Chat is open.
Android and iOS – Players can now interact with the Role Settings menu no matter how quickly they are tapping through other settings
Android – Players should no longer see errors when signing in on certain Android devices
Android – Players can now view and access achievements
Resolved desync issue when player reports body while climbing ladder
Polaroids for the ‘Develop Photos’ tasks cannot be placed outside the task window
During meetings, buttons respond as intended no matter how spammy your clicks are
Players can interact with the Role Settings menu no matter how spammy their clicks are on other settings
Players will no longer see ‘Sure is taking a while’ if game is set to languages other than English
Players are now able to unlock the Circumventor achievement
Entering the correct date of birth no longer registers the account as age 0
Added the Language server filter to the settings in the Lobby

Minor Bug Fixes

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Airship – Players in Vents now appear on Admin
Airship – Players in the Hall of Portraits now appear on Admin
Airship – Platform can be interacted with after a crewmate is killed while trying to use it
Airship – Second admin map added to the Records Room
Nicknames now appear on Impostor start screen
No longer seeing layering issues between Pets, Hats, and Visors
“Owned” shop text is now localized properly
The letter ‘g’ is now localized properly in all languages and will not be censored (lol)
Players can’t bypass filters for profanity in nicknames by capitalizing letters
Impostors can’t shapeshift during the role reveal sequence
Updated icon for ‘reject lobby invite’
Spam clicking the chat icon doesn’t stop you from being able to click other icons
Chat filter doesn’t censor words with potential profanity words in them like “glasses” (lol)
Controller – Players can now interact with their friends list after unfriending or unblocking a player
Correct color wording now displays in Account Info when colorblind text is active
MIRA HQ – Door logs now display colors of Crewmates when colorblind text is active
Improved readability of cracked screen overlay
Decontamination locations on Polus can be referred to specifically using Quick Chat
PC – Can close chat with the ESC key
Guardian Angels can protect Crewmates without being obstructed by walls, doors, etc.
Guardian Angel targeting now prefers Crewmates
Guardian Angel protection cooldown resets at the start of every round
Fixed report menu transparency and visibility
Vitals sorting fixed: players that are dead/ejected are now at the bottom of the screen
Fixed sounds during levelling up to be tied to the SFX volume slider
Fixed numerous shadow issues

Developer Innersloth notes that these are not all of the minor fixes that come with the update. Why the rest aren’t mentioned, we don’t know, but it’s presumably because they aren’t relevant enough to mention.