Apex Legends’ new Bangalore skin is crashing the game

You might want to avoid Bangalore’s new Mil-Spec skin in Apex Legends for the foreseeable future. Following player reports on Reddit, developer Respawn has confirmed that it’s discovered a bug with the skin that crashes the game at the character select screen if you have it equipped.

The devs are working on a fix, and it’ll be live as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, though, Respawn says you’ll still be able to connect to the game and play if you load back in after getting the boot. As confirmed by Apex Legends’ global social media lead Alex Frostwolf, the bug also impacts you if you’re a teammate, so keep that in mind if you get disconnected despite picking someone else.

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Respawn released the new skin alongside a lore video for Bangalore called Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron. The point of the Stories from the Outlands videos is to flesh out the backstory of the game’s cast of diverse Legends, with this one revealing that Bangalore was attacked by an enemy pilot before awakening by her brother’s side in a mysterious place before everything goes wrong, essentially.

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