Archon Studios Reveals Pathfinder Terrain Based on Classic Adventures

Archon Studios has announced a line of Pathfinder Terrain miniature terrain, which are based off of classic Pathfinder adventures. The first release in the Pathfinder Terrain line is a box of unpainted terrain based on the Abomination Vaults adventure path, which came out in 2021. Notably, this will be the first set of Archon Studios terrain to use half-height walls, which makes it easier for players to move their miniatures around the terrain.

The Abomination Vaults adventure path was released in 2021 and was Paizo’s first-ever megadungeon adventure. The dungeon was created by the evil sorceress Belcorra Haruvex, who used the sprawling underground vaults as a staging ground for her attempt to create an army of monsters using an artifact tied to one of the Outer Gods. Notably, Paizo announced last month that it planned to re-release The Abomination Vaults as a 5E adventure, giving D&D players a chance to explore the rich campaign setting of Golarion.

To capture the eldritch feeling of The Abomination Vaults, Archon Studios designed the miniature terrain walls with tentacles, veins, and other disturbing touches. “First thing that came to my mind was the abomination angle of the design,” said Tomasz Badalski of Archon in a press release announcing the new line of terrain. “How to make a dungeon, that clearly says “we reject all that’s natural and give ourselves to all kinds of heresy and evil rituals”? That’s why you will notice good-ol’ tentacles on the walls and evil-eyes overseeing the adventuring party. Even the metal door ornaments are looking more like veins on living, cursed organisms than a piece of engineering. How cool is that?”


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Archon Studios will release its first box of Pathfinder Terrain this month. The box will contain over 70 different terrain pieces, all of which are unpainted. The boxed set will cost $69 and is available for pre-order here.