Ark Andrewsarchus: spawn locations, controls, and how to tame

The Ark Andrewsarchus may sound like a friendly chap by name alone, but learning the locations it can spawn, how to tame one, and the various controls will soon teach you these warthog-like creatures are mean beasts – and they can get a lot meaner. For example, you can mount  a turret on its back once you’ve tamed it, so befriending an Andrewsarchus or two should come as a high priority because it’s a force to be reckoned with.

While the Ark Andrewsarchus isn’t capable of taking on the toughest Ark dinos, and it may struggle against the airborne Ark Desmodus, it’s a nimble, ferocious fighter. We’ve got all the details on its spawn locations, plus everything you need to tame one, and how to control it once you’ve got one under your spell.

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