Ark Fjordhawk: spawn locations and how to tame

Curious about what exactly an Ark Fjordhawk can do for you? As the name suggests, the Fjordhawk is a tameable creature native to Fjordur, the region featured in the free expansion of the same name. There are plenty of Ark dinos to tame across Fjordur, including the Andrewsarchus with a mounted turret upon its back, but few will grant you the level of utility that a Fjordhawk can provide.

Once tamed, an Ark Fjordhawk becomes a shoulder pet that will retrieve your inventory for you when you die. Never again will you have to worry about running back to your corpse to collect your dropped items, making the Fjordhawk invaluable for a survival game where hours of gameplay can hinge on stuffing your satchel with as many materials as you can find. It will also mark lost satchels and wounded or dead creatures in the environment, which is helpful for both item collection and taming.

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