Attack on Titan Cosplay Resurrects Levi’s Funniest Final Season Fit

Attack on Titan’s latest segment of its final season might have come to a close with Eren Jaeger leading a wave of Colossal Titans known as the Rumbling directly at the world outside of Paradis, but the last episode also gave us one of the most hilariously disturbing moments involving Captain Levi and a clown that was a bit too close for comfort. Now, to help celebrate this awkward moment, one fan has dutifully recreated the look that the Titan killer sported as he attempted to convince a clown that he was not in fact a child.

Levi has gone through a tough time in the final season of Attack on Titan’s anime adaptation, having been caught up in an explosion that was caused by the Beast Titan, Zeke Jaeger. Losing some body parts during the encounter, that was hardly an excuse to stop Levi from continuing to fight against Titans, with the top-ranking member of the Scout Regiment currently joining the new iteration of the Survey Corps that sees both Eldians and Marleyians unite in order to stop Eren’s current genocidal plan. With the upcoming final episodes of the last season set to arrive next year in 2023, expect Levi to take a major role in the battle that now pits Eldians against Eren.

Instagram Cosplayer Akemi Kun Cosplay shared this hilarious new take on one of Levi’s most hilarious moments, wherein a clown of the nation of Marley mistook the Scout Regiment Captain for a child who certainly seemed as if he was in need of the services of a mirth maker during his visit:

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The story of Attack on Titan has already come to an end in the pages of its manga, and while Isayama hasn’t hinted at the series returning with a sequel or spin-off series, it’s clear that the anime franchise has had a huge impact on the world of anime. Studio MAPPA is set to animate the final battle of the series, and fans should definitely prepare for some of their favorite characters potentially not making it out of the titanic encounter alive.


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