Attack On Titan Promo Drops Huge Spoilers Overseas with New Mural

The second half of Attack On Titan’s final season is only a few days away from making landfall, and to get fans hyped for the last battle between the island of Paradis and the nation of Marley, Studio MAPPA is undergoing a rather unique marketing initiative to help in promoting the upcoming anime. Throughout several subway stations in Japan, MAPPA has plastered the walls with storyboards from the upcoming episodes of season four, and said storyboards have plenty of spoilers with regards to the future installments that see the power of the Titans hang in the balance.

For those who need a refresher on what was happening in the first half of the fourth season of the dark epic, Attack On Titan saw Eren Jaeger attacking the nation of Marley directly in order to enact a truce between himself and his brother, the Beast Titan, Zeke. With Eren attempting to eliminate the power of the Titans by sterilizing all those of Eldian descent, a new war has been created that now sees three different factions vying for supremacy. With the youngest Jaeger locking up his friends in the Scout Regiment, the first half of season four ends with Eren staring down the forces of Marley, bearing down on Paradis with Reiner, the Armored Titan, leading the charge.

Twitter Outlet Attack On Fans shared a number of the images that show Studio MAPPA’s ingenious promotion, and be forewarned before looking at these storyboards, as they do hold some massive spoilers for the upcoming episodes in the second half of the fourth season of Attack On Titan:

? Shinjuku station (spoilers) ?

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(C) Photos made by @theta_koukan

— Attack On Fans (@AttackOnFans) January 3, 2022

Rest assured, fans of the dark franchise should prepare themselves for some big casualties before Attack On Titan comes to an end. Currently, it seems as though the second half of this final season will only be around twelve episodes, leaving many fans wondering if the final battle will be able to be covered during this time or if there might be more episodes, or even a movie, that MAPPA is currently working on. With rumors swirling that new animated projects from the world created by Hajime Isayama might be on the way, perhaps a new film or series to tell the story of the final battle might also be in MAPPA’s future.


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