Bam Margera Confirmed to Appear in JACKASS FOREVER for One Sequence

For those of you following the Jackass Forever movie drama, you know that Bam Margera was fired from the film during production. Margera threatened to sue, some of the cast a crew filed restraining orders against Margera, and this whole thing involving Margera is a mess.

After all of that craziness, I didn’t think that we would even see Margera in the film, but it turns out that he will show up in one sequence. Variety reports that Margera is listed 45th out of the 49 performers in the movie, and the low placement is due to the fact that he only appears in one segment.

While speaking with the outlet Knoxville said, “We wanted him all throughout the movie, but unfortunately that’s not the way it worked out. It’s really heartbreaking. I love Bam. We all love Bam. He’s our brother, you know? You just hope that he takes it upon himself to get the help that he needs, because we all care about him a lot.”

Margera’s lawsuit says that he was forced into a “Wellness Agreement” which saw him undergo “countless breathalyzer and urinalysis tests” as a means of maintaining employment on any future Jackass projects. The actor said he was fired after one test revealed he’d taken Adderall, for which he claims to have had a prescription.

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When Knoxville was asked if he was surprised by Margera’s lawsuit, he said, “Yes and no. Because he’s in such a way that anything’s possible. So, something will break your heart – but it might not shock you.”

It seems like there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know. Regardless, Margera was fired for substance abuse and the cast and crew genuinely seem to believe that Margera needs help and they want him to get it.

Jackass Forever is scheduled to be released in theaters on February 4th, 2022.