‘Battlefield 2042’ becomes one of Steam’s worst ten games

EA DICE’s Battlefield 2042 has received so many bad reviews that it is now one of the top ten worst games on Steam.

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Battlefield 2042 has had a rough time on Steam, rapidly achieving a mostly negative rating based on user reviews. As a result of the poor response, the title has sunk to the bottom 100 games on Steam, according to steam250.com (via Forbes). It currently holds the number eight position just two days after its official launch.

The current list looks like this:

Flatout 3: Chaos And Destruction
Uriel’s Chasm
Kinetic Void
Spacebase DF-9
Battlefield 2042
RollerCoaster Tycoon World

Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

Many reviews focus on aspects of the game that users think are missing from this release. Some omissions may have been conscious choices by DICE, but players believe too much has been removed. One user used the Steam comments to share a list by Reddit user u/jellyswim. Some of the issues they considered are as follows:

No single-player story/campaign mode
No standard server browser
Fewer standardized game modes
No standard hardcore mode
No persistent lobbies
Fewer in-game assignments
No class system
No global leader boards
No permanent community servers (would be useful for clans and events)
No Central US servers
No test range (this one is sort of compensated for with single payer servers vs bots)

While DICE is addressing several issues, such as bullet bloom, many of Battlefield 2042’s problems will take more drastic redesigns to resolve. It could be some time before the good reviews outweigh the bad for most players.

It isn’t like DICE is ignoring player feedback and the state of the game entirely though, as a recent update started to add fixes, with another two to come in the next 30 days as well.

In other news, Xbox’s first-party games are significantly cheaper than those found on PlayStation.

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