Battlefield 2042 specialist skins challenges – how to customise your specialist

Want to know how the progression system works in Battlefield 2042 to unlock skins? After weeks of silence, EA and Dice have revealed how players earn cosmetics in their upcoming FPS game. Battlefield 2042’s progression system invites players to complete difficult in-game challenges in exchange for cosmetics. These cosmetics include weapon skins and specialist outfits, allowing players to express themselves on the frontline.

Battlefield 2042 scraps the traditional class system used in the previous entries and instead opts for Battlefield 2042 Specialists. Specialists can equip any primary or secondary Battlefield 2042 guns, and they have access to a unique gadget and trait to help them stand out. With 128 player servers and only ten specialists at launch, unlockable outfits ensure each player has a distinct look.

The progression system doesn’t just focus on player cosmetics, you also have ribbons, weapon unlocks, and player cards to obtain, as you rack up countless wins. Here’s everything you need to know about the Battlefield 2042 progress system, including what you can unlock, which cosmetics are available, and more.

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