Battlefield 2042 will get fixes for bullet spread, revives, and more this week

Battlefield 2042 players will see a patch inbound this week that will help address some of the FPS game’s most urgent issues. Update 2 is set to arrive November 25, and includes some initial fixes for bullet spread (particularly from assault rifles), better soldier revives, some vehicle rebalancing, and more.

Dice says it’ll have more complete patch notes available November 24, but the focus of Update 2 will first be to correct the low accuracy on many of Battlefield 2042’s assault rifles. Across the board, you should see less spread while using aim-down-sights on the move, and many weapons should be more accurate while zoomed in and stationary as well. Dice says bullet spread will decrease faster when you pace your shots, so you’ll have good reasons to use semi-auto or quick burst fire modes.

Update 2 will also introduce improved soldier revives, which means you shouldn’t have any more issues trying to revive a teammate who’s downed close to a wall or other object. The update will add a new respawn protection system, and re-enable the UAV-1 interaction in Battlefield Portal that was originally available on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps, now that it’s had a bit of a nerf.

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