Ben Affleck Says He Had A Better Experience Playing Batman For The Flash

Ben Affleck discussed his time filming the upcoming The Flash movie, in which he will reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Flash is an upcoming solo film starring the titular character that is rumored to be rewriting the timeline of DC’s live-action films after Justice League.

For those who don’t know, Affleck played Batman in the live-action DC film franchise that was started by Zack Snyder with Man of Steel, which starred Henry Cavill as Superman. In this universe, Batman was much older, jaded, and brutal after he spent almost two decades fighting crime, which wore down on his mental space. It is currently unknown what role Affleck’s Batman will play in The Flash.

Affleck compared his time on the Flash film to his time on Joss Whedon’s Justice League set, and it appears they were two strikingly different experiences. The actor spoke to Variety and said, “It was a really nice way to revisit that as the prior experience had been difficult… This was really lovely. Really fun… I had a great time.” The actor then joked, “I’m probably under some gag order that I’m not even aware that I probably just violated and I’m now going to be sued.” It’s really good to see Affleck enjoyed his time back in the cowl considering his career in the superhero genre has been less than kind, to say the least.

A while back, Affleck revealed that after filming the Justice League movie with Whedon, he went into a dark spiral that involved alcoholism, amongst other things, due to the stress he endured while working on the film. Whedon’s secret history of mistreatment has been coming to light as of late and still, as of yet, nothing has been officially done. Reportedly, Affleck’s particular dilemma was with the Justice League reshoots, the bad reception, and lack of direction with DC and Warner Bros. as they took over Snyder’s vision for the DC Extended Universe films.

Affleck’s Batman was one who broke his code and flat out killed people, which was controversial for a large number of people. However, some fans were receptive to this portrayal because it offered something different that wasn’t seen before and it fits well within the universe that was established by Snyder. Fans praised the director for taking a unique approach and creative freedom with this telling of the brooding superhero.

Fans also praised the fight scenes with Affleck’s Batman because he fought off groups of assailants with ease and it looked very reminiscent of the Arkham video games, where the Caped Crusader fought off dozens of enemies at once. Affleck’s current status is unknown regarding his future return as the caped crusader, but one good sign for fans is that he enjoyed his time on the Flash film.

The Flash is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on November 4, 2022.

Source: Variety

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