Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Filming the Fast-Paced DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opened up this past weekend, and it was one of the biggest, craziest, and most ambitious movies in the MCU. The dark and twisty storyline was packed into the two-hour runtime, and it was a beast to shoot!

Star of the film Benedict Cumberbatch recently appeared on the JOE.ie YouTube channel, and he talked about what it was like for him to film the movie.

“There’s a ticking clock to it, I guess, a little bit. So that’s important, but yeah. It’s an awful lot in one film, and I think it has to have that pace from the beginning. And what little I’ve seen of it, I worry when there’s stuff that we’re sitting down and talking about because I just think ‘We should be doing stuff!’ But then, I’m in the film, and I know it backwards, so I’m the worst judge of it. So I think there are definitely moments where you as an audience can catch your breath, and you need to. There’s a lot to examine and explain and kind of absorb. But there is a sort of propulsion by the end, which is kind of great, like the last third, which was very much up in the air when we started shooting, in typical Marvel fashion. It really comes together spectacularly.”  

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It’s pretty crazy to think that most Marvel movies leave the ending of the movie up in the air until the last minute, but it’s obviously worked well for them. It’s cool that they give themselves the wiggle room to adapt the story, improving it to perfection.