Best mouse pad for gaming in 2022

            The best gaming mouse pad might feel like an optional extra, but if you've already splashed out on a reliable rodent, it's potentially worth the investmemt. While a decent mat isn't going to transform a bargain bin peripheral into the <a href="">best gaming mouse</a>, it'll help everything feel a little smoother, especially if you regularly delve into the <a href="">best FPS games</a> like Halo Infinite and <a href="">Fortnite</a>.

Even the term gaming mouse pad may feel a little gimmick, especially if you’re used to only seeing pads made from fabric or cheap plastic. Yet, the term actually covers everything from extra-large gaming desk mats to elaborate rectangles that are clad in RGB. Some options can even wirelessly charge your mouse, so you won’t have to deal with the caveats of cutting the cord.

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To help you pair your mouse with an exceptional mat, we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming mouse pads, including options by Razer, Logitech and SteelSeries. We’ve even got a cheep and cheerful alternative by Amazon, so you won’t necessarily have to pay top dollar for something branded.

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