Black Clover Cliffhanger Terrifies With Lucifero’s True Form

Black Clover has unleashed the devil Lucifero’s true form with the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series. Yuki Tabata’s original manga series has reached the climax of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, and with it revealed to Asta (and fans of the series alike) that the fights are actually far from over. Although the Clover Kingdom’s efforts were enough to take down the three Zogratis siblings, the devil Lucifero provided one more tough challenge as he continued to break his way out of the underworld and tried to form a new body in the land of the living.

The previous chapter did provide some hope that the fight could be ending as Asta and the Black Bulls managed to save Yami and Vangeance just in time before Lucifero’s body fully manifested, but the newest chapter pulled the rug out from everyone with the reveal that Lucifero is still far from defeated. In fact, he was able to reach a version of physical manifestation anyway and while it remains incomplete with the new chapter, it’s very clear that this will be the toughest opponent for Asta and the others yet.

Black clover chapter 317
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Chapter 317 of the series kicks off immediately after Asta is able to strike down Lucifero’s proto-body and saves Yami and Vangeance. It’s then revealed that the plan was for Yuno to follow it up with a powerful attack of his own, and the two of them successfully take down the mass of demons. Just as the people were getting ready to celebrate a new Supreme Devil appears and tells them the fight is far from over as Lucifero is beginning to manifest anyway even if it’s only half completed.

After Lucifero appears, he tells everyone to bow their heads and uses his gravity magic to push them all into the ground. Just then. Asta comes flying in while Lucifero targets him specifically for being the one that interrupted his full manifestation and now it’s clear that the fight has reached a new phase against an even more terrifying foe than ever before. If Lucifero’s form is this powerful at only half of his full manifestation, Asta and the others really need to keep him from being complete.


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