Black Clover is now currently in the middle of a three month hiatus while series creator Yuki Tabata works on the final arc of the manga series, and now one awesome Noelle Silva cosplay is making the wait for its return all the easier to bear! The anime adaptation of the series wrapped up its impressive 170 episode run last year, and while there is currently a new movie in the works for a launch next year, the one thing that has kept fans going has been the manga series. Taking the story far beyond where the anime ended, it’s now unfortunately been put on hold as well.

That means without new episodes of the anime or even new chapters of the manga for the next chunk of the year, there will be unfortunately a major lack of Black Clover until either one returns. Thankfully fans of the series are able to keep the franchise alive through their sheer love for it alone, and now artist @hikegotime on Instagram is showing off why fans are keeping the franchise afloat with one awesome take on one of the series’ main heroines, Noelle Silva. You can check it out below:

Black Clover‘s anime will be continuing with its very first feature film. Unfortunately, outside of the general 2023 release window set with the initial announcement, there have been very few concrete details about what to expect from the new project. With the manga series providing an entire arc following the end of the anime, and the final arc of the series will likely be in the heat of its run by the time the movie comes around, there are all sorts of paths for the potential new feature film to follow if it wants to. Then again, fans would also love to see a full anime series return someday.

There has been so much seen from this Spade Kingdom Raid arc alone that would make for a great full TV anime return in the future, and that’s not even including what we can hope to see with the final arc of the series as a whole. When it’s all wrapped up, maybe we’ll get to see the anime again? But until then, luckily fans are keeping it afloat through awesome tributes like this one and theories about what could be coming next!


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What do you think? Are you ready to see what’s coming in Black Clover‘s final arc? What are you going to be doing while we have to wait for it to return? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!