Black Clover Creator Has Dropped a Wizard King Bombshell

When it comes to shonen anime, our heroes are always wanting to be something. Naruto wants to become the Hokage, Luffy wants to be the King of the Pirates, and the same goes for Asta in Black Clover. Our hero is deadset on being the Wizard King, but to this day, fans know relatively little about the role. And now, the series’ creator Yuki Tabata just dropped a bombshell about the whole thing.

The update came courtesy of a Q&A done by Tabata in the latest volume of Black Clover. When the book went live overseas, fans were quick to translate its contents, and the bonus goodies were of particular interest. After all, Tabata was asked if there was ever a female Wizard King… and there was!

Now, in this Q&A, Tabata did keep any extra details to himself. The artist simply told the fan there were women who upheld the role before, but we haven’t met them. There is no telling if we ever will hear about these mysterious leaders, but fans are crossing their fingers right now. After all, an original story will join the franchise soon when Black Clover‘s film goes live, so maybe the movie will pay tribute to these unsung heroines…?

After all, we know little about the Wizard Kings (or Magic Emperors for some) overall. We know two of the leaders as Lemiel was the first of the name, and Julius is the 28th to don the title. This means there are 27 we have no idea about, and some of them have been women to boot.

Of course, the manga’s main goal is to figure out which wizards will take the mantle after Julius leaves the seat. Asta has been gunning for the position since he was a kid, but Yuno is chasing the title as well. Their rivalry is the stuff of legend now, but there could always be more competition coming down the line. We’ll find out as Black Clover moves forward, but between you and me, I feel like Asta will give just about anyone a run for their money.


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