Bleach Creator Details One of Grimmjow’s Wildest Cut Scenes

Bleach is not shy with its biggest characters, and whether you like it or not, Grimmjow ranks high on that list. The blue-haired Arrancar has a nasty temper, but their fiery personality has made the fighter one of the best under Tite Kubo’s thumb. Grimmjow can run hot or cold in just about any situation, and it turns out a missing scene from the manga would’ve given the Arrancar the chance to spice things up.

The revelation comes from Kubo himself as the creator of Bleach confessed to fans on his personal blog. Netizens can submit questions to Kubo if they’re subscribed to his page, and it was there someone asked what Loly was going to say to Grimmjow during their battle in Hueco Mundo. The man never let Loly finish her sentence, and honestly? That might have been for the best.

According to Kubo, Loly was going to tell Grimmjow she would have sex with him if he didn’t tear off her leg. “Judging by Loly’s character, this is the kind of thing she would’ve said to save her skin,” the Bleach creator shared.

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Of course, that is not what happened, and Grimmjow ended up incapacitating Loly in the end. Her friend was killed by Grimmjow as well, and it was all to save Orihime. Or rather, it was to true up a debt. Grimmjow felt he owed the captive after she healed his arm, and the Arrancar doesn’t like owing anyone anything. So even if Loly had made the proposal, Bleach fans are pretty sure Grimmjow would’ve had to pass.


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What do you make of Kubo’s confession here? Was it a good idea to cut this scene from Bleach? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.